To yehi behtareen waqt hai sajde ka . soo sala ibadat se zada asar rakhti hai . Jism ki wasat 2 gaz sy ziada nahi hai. apney gunahoon ki maafi mangta hai Teri dadhi tery baad peda hoi aur safeed ho gai. Rumi Masnavi book the lightning path for Sufis. Jesy wealth, power, thrust, greediness, love and hatred etc. For God has placed a pearl in sorrow’s hand. Insaan ko pehly khud k bary mein sochna chahye k wo kesa or ku peda ho gia iski waja kia hai. Rumi is the most popular poet in the United States and globally he has millions of fans. “I learned that every mortal will taste death. Rumi’s two compositions became very famous, one was “Masnavi” and “Dewan a Shams Tabrez”. Love hath a hundred disdains and prides: Love is gained by means of a hundred blandishments. Allah waloon ki batain sakoon qalb ataa karti hain Zulm kya hai kantoon ki parwarish karna . Rumi was a 13th. Tags used: Maulana Rumi Quotes in Urdu. Insan ke ghusey ki wajah Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Agar mera ilam mujhy logo se muhabbat karna nahi sikhata to aik jahil mujh se hazar guna behtar hai. He's gone! Rumi Quotes & Poems on Death. Shams introduced Rumi to the amazing secrets of divine love. Feb 27, 2020 - Explore nathu pathu's board "Rumi" on Pinterest. Aur agar mil gaya hai to khushi o shadmani ku nahi karty???????. Rumi Quotes. Bura insaan hi buri se dabata hai. Share with your friends. In his honor, below is our collection of inspirational, wise, and powerful Rumi quotes and sayings, collected from a variety of sources over the years. It grows and comes up full of some unimagined beauty. Aur hasad se koi badshah nahi ban jata. When I run after what I think I want, my days are a furnace of stress and anxiety; if I … 30.) Ruuh k begair jisam kis qadar zaleel chez hai keh usko matti mein dafan kar dia jata hai. Kyu keh tanhai main qalb ki safai hoti hai . At that time Rumi was 37, a traditional Muslim preacher and scholar, as his father and grandfather had been. He wrote 2,000 rubayat, four-line quatrains and much more. Tags used: Maulana Rumi Quotes in Urdu. Bostan-e-Marifat. The sun sets and the moon sets, but they're not gone. Rumi Quotes in Urdu are very important to understand the main point of Rumi’s life. Maulana Rumi Quotes in Urdu. Isi tarah jahan aansu hotey hain wahen rehmat hoti hai . Maulana Rumi Quotes in Urdu:- Kal mein ak na smajah insaan tha aur sochta tha k mein sari dunia ko badal daloon ga. Lekin aj mein akalmand bodha hun aur sochta hun k agr mien khud ko hi badal daloon to badi baat ho gi. He's gone. Deep & Wise Quotes in Urdu, Read Also : 45 Famous Sheikh Saadi Quotes. Rumi Quotes on Heart, Soul, Love, Life, Hope, Death, Love Poems, Saying and Books are very famous in spiritual world. Ahmaq ki dosti or is ki mohabat se دنیا کیا ہے؟, Jab duniya waley tumhain ghutne teekne par majboor karden, جب دنیا والے تمہیں گھٹنے ٹیکنے پر مجبور کردیں, Maan baap ke sath tumhara sulook aesi kahani hai, ماں باپ کے ساتھ تمہارا سلوک ایسی کہانی ہے, Aye logon! Maulana Jalaluddin Rumi. Rumi then was thirty years old and had learned many disciplines along with Persian, Arabic, and Turkish languages. A very strong relation established between two of them and very famous around the place, they were living. His family eventually settled in Konya after traveling thousands of miles. Jab k behtareen dost bhi rizk mein shamil hai. Agar tum azmat ki bulandion ko chona chahty ho to apny dil mein nafrat ki bajay muhabbat peda kro logo k liye. Bilkul aesy hi hasad is dunia ka sab se nakhush insaan hai. If you like our content so enjoy and do share these Rumi Quotes in Urdu with others. Molana jalal uldin se ksi ne poucha duniya kya hai? Collection of all the rumi quotes on life and rumi quotes on death. Maulana Rumi Quotes in Urdu Jalaluddin Muhammed Balkhi Rumi was a great Sufi saint who lived in Konya, a small Turkish town in the thirteenth century. Kal mein ak na smajah insaan tha aur sochta tha k mein sari dunia ko badal daloon ga. Lekin aj mein akalmand bodha hun aur sochta hun k agr mien khud ko hi badal daloon to badi baat ho gi. Judai ka ek lamha bhi ashiq ke nazdeek Phir hi wo ALLAH ko dhond sakta hai. When he was forty years old, he met a great mystic Sufi Shams e Tabrez, which changed his whole life. Required fields are marked *. Maulana Rumi Quotes in Urdu Hope you like these beautiful famous saint Quotes if you like our effort so keep supporting and keep sharing these beautiful Maulana Rumi Quotes in all Social Media platform and also give your feedback . Most of the poetry we have comes from age 37 to 67. Wo apney jehal se waqif ho. Rumi Quotes On Death “God turns you from one feeling to another and teaches by means of opposites so that you will have two wings to fly, not one Put your thoughts to sleep, do … tujhey gaflat se jaga kar bahoosh kardya. Death is a coming together. Khamoshi smundar hai aur guftgu nehar ki tarah hai. Rumi quotes are well known for being wise thought provoking and powerful. ki shakal main mojud hain Maulana Rumi Quotes in Urdu, Alim ka kamal ye hai keh Sufi mystic. Har wo chez zahr hai jo zarurat se ziada ho. Jab duniya waley tumhain ghutne teekne par majboor karden Raat ko so jane ke bad qaidi apni qed se Rumi Quotes in Urdu That Will Change Your Life. Jis shakhs ke apney amaal hewanon jese hoon Allah tala zahir ke bajaiye batin ko Sharh-e-Urdu Masnavi Maulvi Rome (Volume-005) 1914. Here are some of his quotes in Urdu. Iss dunia mein koi khazana sanp k begair, koi phool kanty k begair aur koi khushi gham k begair nahi. Rumi Quotes In Urdu. Aur wo apnay ALLAH ki taraf anyy lagta hai. Zakham wo jaga hai jaha se roshni apky andar dakhil hoti hai. Is ka ghuroor hai . He wrote 3,000 poetry lines to Shams Tabriz, the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and ALLAH. He was born in September 1207 in the city of Balkh, Afghanistan, which was then part of the great Persian Empire, which stretched from … Aur aik din tumhein jawab mil jay ga. Akal ko khwahish par fazelat hasil hai. Deen or Duniya dono hi ka khoon hota hai . Rumi Quotes on Heart, Soul, Love, Life, Hope, Death, Love Poems, Saying and Books are very famous in spiritual world. For the past two decades, the English translation of these works has sold more than Shakespeare and surprisingly Rumi has become the most liked poet in America today. Karl A. Menninger. His life story has many layers and topics that can be explored if people just read and learn Rumi Quotes in Urdu and reflect on it. Inhi batoon par hlki si miti dal kar duniya main pur sukoon zindagi guzari jaskti hai. Apni awaz ki bajay apny dalail ko buland karein ku keh phool badil garjny se nahi balky barasny se ugtay hien.
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