Puppy blues are def real, having a puppy is a full time commitment but it does get easier fairly quickly. The heartbroken owner of a missing puppy has claimed a stranger messaged her to say she had found the dog - but wouldn't give it back. Polaris doesn’t like to be held or cuddled, which is hard on me, because she’s so cute, I can’t help but want to cuddle her! She also bit my nephew in law once when he … Happy for strangers to pet her while we're on a walk. I got a puppy a while ago, he's 6 months and he doesn't want anything to do with me. This will make them feel at ease and give them the message that good things happen outside just like they do in the house. Tommy Fury has insisted he has no regrets following the death of his and girlfriend Molly-Mae Hague’s imported puppy Mr Chai earlier this year.. I run a PR firm for small businesses. He adores my boyfriend, he'll cuddle and listen to him but he only listens and cuddles with me when I have a handful of treats. Put on your coat or open the door a dozen times, then stay inside. We just adopted a one year old Male Havanese dog and it was suppose to be trained and well socialized. Well, think about this. if your main concern is that your puppy doesn't like you more than she likes your brother, and if he's actually being a jerk about it, then neither of you are mature enough to handle a dog, much less a young puppy. I do everything for him, feed him and play with him and groom him. Friends want to pet her but they don't have a chance as she keeps her distance. To understand why a dog doesn’t like dog toys it helps to know more details about our beloved pets. your mother needs to intervene here. Also the cat will come round, our cat was pissed off for a couple of weeks but loves the dog now!! However, this doesn't mean that you can't use the crate for a time out. She writes for the Huffington Post, and collaborates on articles for Parenthood, Prevention, and Country Living magazines as well as The New York Times. If he doesn't like his crate, he definitely, as a Samoyed, will let you know! If a dog doesn't like you or feels threatened by you, they may try to bite. There is no "characteristic" of a mix breed, it is random chance, could be any amount of traits from either breed - that's why people like pedigree dogs, you know what you get. Perhaps occasionally sit down somewhere and give your puppy a chew toy to play with. Other than hiring a professional, we are at wits end. Between me, Matilda and Cow, we’d have our own She-Woman Man-Hater’s Club.And while that sounds like fun, it’s no way to live life. and has appeared on Animal Planet. HELP, My puppy doesn't love me! Medical Conditions. 3. Melissa Baylis, … I can give credit to both their breeders for superb pedigrees. I have a 10 week old puppy who just doesn’t want to listen to the word No! I can say the same about the puppy we raised before her. Sarah Hodgson is a dog and puppy behavior expert and the author of many bestselling books on dog training. That’s because, if the older dogs behave intolerantly toward the puppy at all times, it’s not just a question of the puppy learning dog social rules, such as “Don’t bother me during my nap, Puppy.” Instead, the puppy is getting the message that any attempt to … In rare cases, it may be that your puppy doesn’t want to walk due to … The distinction is that the crate is used merely to encourage your puppy to calm down. We have even purchased a bark collar for her but she still growls at him. I need this dog to like our whole family. Our pup is affectionate and zealously welcoming of attention from me. Her positive techniques help dogs become well-behaved family members. Desensitize the puppy to the triggers of departure. A combative, or overbearing approach doesn't work as the dog will often resist, but if you use a loving, calm and firm attitude your puppy will respect you and pay attention. Her son came to visit about once every 6 months. I can say "Mya, come here" a million times and she will just look at me like, " yeah right" My husband on the other hand can say it once and she's by his side in a split second looking at him with these sweet eyes. 125 Posts . I bought a puppy so my older dog could have company. She shreds her puppy pads (not when she is alone but when we are there) like she is testing us. But you have to learn to recognize “I want to play”, or “I want your attention” from “Stay away from me!”. She bites so hard. Often the conversation includes stories of all the things the puppy has chewed. I brought the puppy home and my older dog just runs away from him….the puppy is friendly and ... Read More about Ask Dr. Diane: My Dog Doesn’t Like My New Puppy! Good luck! My husband got a puppy that I didn't want and unfortunately I am the one stuck taking care of it during the week (as my husband works out of town). Nov 12, 2020 2:20 PM Today, this adorable puppy doesn't feel like doing anything! They respond extremely well to … The puppy is a shi tzu also….both are males. Discussion Starter • #1 • Dec 28, 2017 ... its ok it sounds like you had the puppy for just few days, dont worry he will get used to the house and people around. She was a sweet pup, but it was difficult to coax her out of her crate as a puppy, especially for my husband who is 6’4” and quite a big man. We need to be very careful in cases like these, especially if there is any possibility they are carriers of disease. Barking doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing.. She shrank when men came toward her down the hall way of our apartment complex, but would then get very excited and want to go toward them after they had passed by. In contrast, my husband and I have a lovely puppy who doesn’t chew on things she shouldn’t. Repetition of these cues makes them lose meaning so the pup doesn’t get upset and remains calmer when you actually do leave. Uneasy with our friends when they visit our home. He has a higher voice though. I have 2 dogs; both rescued; 1 as a puppy (Polly) and the other at 9 months old (Winter). My 4 month old puppy does not like my husband or most "tall males" Every time he walks in the house she barks and goes crazy. Today, this adorable puppy doesn't feel like doing anything! Doesn't mean mutts aren't great dogs and sometimes gorgeous, just don't call a mutt a "breed", it's ridiculous, Reese Witherspoon is the ultimate dog lover and she wants everyone to know it. Sometimes the problem is a combination of the person and the dog: I had a student with a dog that didn’t like her adult son. You could also try picking up some of the disciplinary jobs so that it doesn't seem like your husband in particular is a "bad guy". He doesn’t like the puppy smell. Pick up your car keys 50 times—but then don’t leave. He is housebroken, very mannerly in the house and sweet to both my children. Excellent with other pups at puppy class. Sounds like he has enough to do already just to get out the door. You have a right to not want to take care of a puppy. agreed with kirbee, honestly. A Puppy is the new Baby. I would nip any annoying puppy behaviour towards the cat in the bud straight away and encourage the puppy to ignore/be calm around the cat. The one we rescued at 9 months old barks and growls at my husband. asks from Malvern, PA on October 25, 2008 9 answers. I really am resenting the puppy and my husband as I feel that he doesn't care how I feel. She’s not all that big on being petted, either. He doesn’t want to cuddle the dog (gross!) No one should have to take care of any animal they don't want or like. If your dog is barking excessively at you like you’re a stranger and you can’t think of a logical reason why you have a dog that has a problem with you. I may have told you before, my husband and I have done this whole order of life thing a little backwards.Baby, marriage, baby, further education, baby, buy a home, puppy, more school, puppy. Dear Dr. Diane, I bought a new puppy. Puppy love! Updated on October 27, 2008 M.S. This might involve putting puppy in crate and treating him, praising him when he is calm and quiet. We have had her 3 weeks. When inside (if my husband isn’t in the room) she lays beside me and sleeps, then when I say it’s time for bed, she gets up and goes to her crate and sleeps the entire night like an angel. New Dog Doesn't like My Husband. Your husky is probably as sweet as mine. Some dog lovers say, “If my dog doesn’t like you, neither will I.” If I sticked to that mantra, I’d hate most men. A lot of the time it is to tell us that she wants to go to the toilet however she … She's very timid. If she happens to be coming around the corner and doesn't know he is there she freaks out and runs the other way. This really bothers me. Winter has been with us since April 8, 2014. We have adopted a 16 week old mastiff x ridgeback. our merch is coming very soon! There's one other point I'd like to mention because your pup is part Rottweiler. He doesn’t like the big paws. Dogs are neophiles; they love new things and experiences.Novelty is stimulating and dogs often get bored with the same familiar 5 block walk, backyard jaunt, same dog friends, people/family, and same dog toys on a daily basis. Tommy Fury says he doesn’t regret buying Molly-Mae Hague imported puppy; Olivia Attwood candidly opens up on her terrifying cancer scare She writhes in my arms to be set free, and occasionally will bite me (we’re working on that part.) When the puppy was about 4 months old, he came in town for a first visit with the puppy. I already own a shi Tzu; he is 5. That's crazy. He has tried to get her to like him, tried giving her treats but she won't even come close to take the treat. My husband, I have discovered, is not a dog person. People are gonna tell you that you should learn to get used to the dog and you'll learn to love it, etc. welcome to our channel make sure you press the subscribe button & come join the jd family! That way the puppy stays with him wherever he goes, and learns to bond with him. - Page 1 ... Mya adores my husband. My husband has been feeding her, taking the food out and calling her. After my brother died in Iraq, it felt like my world exploded — here are the 9 steps I took to rebuild my life and career. Just like 30’s are the new 20’s, getting a puppy is the new having a baby! This puppy started out as a shy puppy. If your husband is working those long hours, you should leave her in her crate til you can get up and bring her out. She gets many compliments on her mature demeanor. About the Book Author. As we can see, many of the signs a dog doesn't like you are shared with other behavioral issues in dogs.
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