We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. My children try to get him to play but that does not always pan out. Keep Your Cat Busy While You’re At Work. He is not very active, he does eat. Doesn't want petting. This behavior can lead to a sedentary lifestyle and obesity. A neutered cat will have modified sleeping patterns. Apparently very healthy, playing, sleeping, using the kitty litter box. Young kittens tend to have a lot of energy, and a frequent complaint among owners is their kitten keeps them up at night. For the first week or so he was quite an active player, chasing a ball-on-a-stick around the rug just because it was moving so he had to have it. One is eating the dry kitten chow and drinking water. The best thing you can do to calm him is to make sure he uses as much of that energy as possible. If your cat attempts to wake you after you’ve gone to bed, he may want to play, eat or simply enjoy your company. He has lost weight and is not eating very much. there are times all he will do is sleep. I know kitties sleep a lot but I mean, to never to play ever? Having normal bowel movements? As far as if it is a problem, I’d look at the sleep patterns in conjunction with your kittens other signs. This means making your bedroom off-limits at all times. He seems happy and is eating, using litter just fine, he just wants to cuddle and sleep all day and all night. Veteran. There are a number of ways you can keep your cat busy during the day so he’ll be less active and sleepier at night. Sensory changes, such as eyesight or hearing loss, can affect your cat’s depth of sleep. Changes in cognitive function: Some cats will become confused and disoriented in their final days or hours due to a build-up of toxins in the body which impair normal brain function. Give your cat a comfortable cat bed in a spare room, a corner of the living room (with a screen for privacy), or even a bathroom. For instance, cats who sleep more during the day can become more restless and active at night. Development of his brain and central nervous system is dependent upon these frequent catnaps. The other four hours he will go nonstop. When my husband and I are at home, he is never asleep. Provide your cat with toys that can be swatted around on his own: toy mice are especially fun for this. If you have a sleep disorder, it's best never to encourage your cat to sleep on your bed. usually this only lasted for a day or two. The front two cat legs are very much like our arms while the back two are very much like our legs. He is also walking low to the ground and slowly. If you do this, make sure wherever the cat is kept at night that it has access to water and litterpan. If you have a new kitten, he may be very active. You may have noticed your cat sleeping a lot. So watch those young kids around your elderly cat and remind them to approach quietly. For this reason you will have to modify the cat’s diet or engage him in some entertaining activities, so as to prevent obesity. If symptoms develop, get him/her checked by a vet. Is it normal for my male cat to eat very little. Why do cats sleep so much? Oct 23, 2014 #2 catwoman707 Advisor. Eating way less than normal. Not interacting like normal. If your kitty is up all night roaming the house, vocalizing, or seems overactive during the day, there might be … ), they need more beauty sleep. However, the one that is refusing to eat the dry cat food or drink the water, will drink milk. I am a teacher, so during the summer and around holidays I spend a good part of the day at home and he never naps unless I do. He will play and then sleep. Time spent snoozing in young kittens tones and strengthens the muscles and bones that give this species its athleticism and grace. Sometimes I think my cats sleep the entire day, waking up only to eat, but in reality, adult cats sleep around 15 to 18 hours per day. But it’s also important to keep in mind that it is totally normal for kittens to have a lot of energy, and to want to run around, climb, jump, chase, and play. Sleep pattern change If your cat seems to sleep all day when he used to be active, he may be trying to tell you he doesn't feel well. Way more than we humans do at a measly 6-9 hours a day. For example, is the kitten eating okay? Playful children just may tick him off! However, it will be the frequency and severity of these conditions that determine your cat's overall state. However, as with most symptoms of FCD, there are also many alternative reasons for increased nighttime activity. 0 Recommendations. Cats and even kittens can have days where by they simply are not as active. Those periods of activity often happen during the night. Well unlike us terribly un-photogenic humans (by comparison to cats – really, who could argue otherwise? This is due to the lack of need to mate, which typically drives the cat to be more active. Toys and games that encourage hunting behavior -- such as a fishing pole toy or chasing a laser light -- will get kitty going, and tired. Some cats are active at night, or are awake and ‘raring to go’ very early in the morning. Just keeps sitting/curling up wherever I put him. It’s no wonder they’re so active at night and we’re not! The cat will spend his final day(s) sleeping as much as he can, even if he is awake, he will usually not move very far. An overly hyper kitten can be a lot to deal with, especially since the average kitten is already a ball of furry energy that can be difficult to control and train. Jokes aside, what cats do is … The cat’s day then begins when the owner arrives home to provide the cat with feeding, play and social interaction. Some even come laced with catnip. However, no owner was found and it very much appears the kitten was abandoned, so we decided to keep it. I have many friends whose cats were very very ill with lymphoma and through chemo, achieved total remission and are now very healthy. Her morning routine is my favorite and has given me a lot of trust in her over the weeks. There are a variety of ways to encourage a kitten to sleep through the night. You’ve probably heard the statistics before – cats sleep for approximately 16-18 hours a day – that’s a lot! He is super tired and I understand he sleeps a lot, however, normally food or some interactions gets him up and going. Sept. 28, 2020. He is likely to sleep more and be less active. One of my friends has a 21 year old cat who had extremely severe IBD for years … Joined Dec 16, 2011 Messages 7,666 Reaction score 2,230 Location Vallejo, CA. Thank you for your question. Since many owners are out at work or school during the day, the cat may spend the daytime hours in rest and relaxation and sleeping, especially if it is the only pet in the household. Hi – thanks for your email. If your cat doesn't have other signs of illness, such as vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, or obvious swellings, then keep him/her under observation. Happy, active cats who suddenly become very quiet and either sleep a lot or just want to be left alone might be telling you something's off. I thought cats like milk? we picked this kitten up 3 days ago from the spca. My cat (2yrs, male) is super restless and meows like crazy at night, especially when I’m home alone. I've tempted him with his very favorite foods and over the past few days he has eaten less and less each day. "If you see changes in grooming or interaction with you and other pets in the house, then the meowing changes might also have more significance,” Marsh says. Indications a Cat Is Dying of Old Age. His symptoms are: Excessive sleeping. Dr. Michele K. DVM. He's loving, and periodically hops up in my lap for petting. Cats Sleep a Lot. Predators need lots of sleep because hunting is so energy-consuming. Behaviorly he is normally an active cat who will purr if you even look at him. Thinkstock. I feel like this seems really abnormal for a kitten his age, was wondering your opinions? Some terminal cats will be restless due to pain and discomfort. I have friends with cats that looked like they were dying from severe IBD and they're doing great. Even though your cat's hunting consists of jumping up on the counter to reach his bowl, he is evolutionarily conditioned to sleep a lot to prepare for hunting. 8. They have the same bones and same joints, including shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles. Kittens and adult cats are nocturnal hunters by nature, so being active at night is to be expected. Elderly cats need regular vet checkups, both to assess overall well-being and to identify and treat medical issues, even if that treatment is not curative but palliative, or a matter of providing physical comforts and pain-relieving medications, if called for. Sleep even keeps your kitten’s immune … Sick cats will sleep more. Isn't purring. Cats sleep a lot. At 8 weeks, minimum age that kittens from the ASPCA get sent home, your kitten will be active but may not be coordinated enough to start scaling the furniture. The symptoms of aging and death are similar. My cat is just laying around, not active, not playing( usually plays alot),(1-year old) seems to just lay and stare and - Answered by a verified Cat Vet . Your kitten sleeps a lot — about 20 hours a day. She then comes into bed with me and we sleep until 6-8. He's 5 months old, curious, friendly, patient, etc. A cat’s sleep-wake cycle can be impaired by FCD. This can be affected by many factors, Krieger said. is this normal ? If your young cat is not as active when they awake from a normal cat nap or disinterested in play, they might be sleeping more because they are ill. Time to call the vet. My fiancé wakes up around 4:30-5 to go work out and takes her out of her crate. Young cats under one year of age in particular can drive their owners crazy from sleep deprivation! The opposite is also true. Try rubbing a Owner. Playful? Normal Sleep. I know cats are supposed to sleep a LOT, especially during the day. See Also: A healthy kitten naturally will have a lot of energy. Games, exercise and entertainment are key to keeping a hyper kitty under control. Cats are known for sleeping long hours, but when they’re not snoozing, they can be very active. Because kittens are not able to withstand the effects of diarrhea very well, it is always best to have your kitten evaluated by a veterinarian when the diarrhea is especially severe or persists for more than a day or two. Geriatric cats also sleep about 18 hours a day, but they tend to have a very specific routine once awake, prowling about for a period of time, looking for food or attention, and then returning for another nap. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. Urinating okay? Even if he has been an angel his entire life and never scratched a soul, his temper will be shorter. Your furry bundle is forming his first impressions about people, and your interactions now will affect his opinions of people for the rest of his life. The other kitten is refusing to eat or drink. Though it may not appear so, while your new kitten has peacefully nodded off, his body is hard at work. Not only will your cat sleep more and become less active, he may become irritable, cranky and more easily disturbed. Very well behaved. He has a great appetite and an active life -- especially for a guy his age. We of course don't know what he is doing when we leave the house or are asleep ourselves (he never wakes us but is always wide awake if we … This is obviously not an exhaustive list of all of the potential health issues that kittens can face. we where told by the SPCA not to give him milk. To recognize if this is normal behavior, you must know what is normal for your individual cat. Male cats do not go into heat, they respond to females when they are in heat. I have two young cats who even as kittens would have days where they just wanted to sleep. He’s ready for human interaction, but keep it positive. Many cats will sleep at least 12 hours and many probably sleep closer to 16 – 18 hours a day. Pay attention to how much your cat sleeps. These types of diseases are more common during the feline geriatric years. Our hands are their paws --- even our fingers have the equivalent in cats, with three bones and a nail projecting from the distal most bone. the kitten is about 10 to 12 weeks old. Why So Much Sleep? Usually when I wake up she’s been chewing a bone or some kind of toy, then she comes and snuggles sweetly. he also didn’t finish his food which he normally demolishes He is in heat and I have 2 other females that are my queen's but not in heat yet. It is not so much old age, but more typically the complications associated with failing organ systems, that kill a cat. My kitten is normally very agile and active.
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