It must feel delightful to have more space with the kiddies but also change the deco a bit – it must feel like a new lease of life! Wow, lucky you! So exciting! xoxo it is gorgeous when it’s glowing all on its own at night. oh this looks so happy and so lovely!! I’m a huge color-lover myself so I always appreciate a whole bunch of fun colors in decorating! It is all so beautiful, Naomi! we loved working with their team and would definitely recommend their personal styling service to anyone! Perfect, perfect, PERFECT! Please visit the orthodox monastery of st Anthony in Arizona and let me know if you would like about your visiti think you will love it! he kept running over the camera to see the photo afterwards to see if you could see him holding the remote, but i guess he just wasn’t understanding that he could kind of hide it in his hand and take the picture each time. Between 1880-1900 we hear. 8,217 Likes, 123 Comments - Naomi Davis | Love Taza (@taza) on Instagram: “There's a new post up on my blog all about urban living and how @tiesandfries and I have made our 2…” I love, love, love that fake plant. I love it, such a beautiful home! Congrats on the move! There have been a few scorpion sightings (shaving years off my life!) At least I have some inspiration for my own apartment, just need to find some. Enjoy you home with your sweet little family. Dusti. SO cool. I’m just a Utah girl who has been lucky enough to travel in my younger years; my goal to one day own an apartment in the city, even if it’s a shoebox, because it’s my favorite place in. welcoming. while we have a separate playroom space for the kids (which i’ll share soon! I managed to kill two of my three queen palm trees over the summer (though a tree company we hired to help us as I started to see the trees begin to waiver did express that there wasn’t anything I could do with the heatwave Arizona experienced this summer and the palm trees old age). So many bright colors! In love with the colors of your appartment… i do miss the days of putting the camera on a timer and running back into the frame, but we gave samson the remote and he got some of the best photos ever! I adore your guys’ style! I am enjoying learning about your transition from NYC to Arizona. I would LOVE of Anthropologie styled me home. Where did you purchase your beautiful blue/green living room rug? We started pulling up the brown carpet a few months back because it just made all of us feel better having that gone despite not having the flooring solidified just yet (we threw down some white paint over the concrete that was under the carpet and it’s actually got us thinking about incorporating some concrete floors into the home now.) I love that the room feels so cozy and Are those photo books under your coffee table? Stay safe and have a great rest of your year! This is exciting and I look forward to following the journey as I’m a fan of seeing home renos. the things you do to make city living work! My favorite is the gallery wall. :-). A good example of this was over the summer when the kids lived in the pool behind the house each day. What a massive life change for you guys! i have loved it for such a long time that i was so excited when the measurements lined up and it worked over this fireplace mantle. You have such fun decorating style and I love seeing little peaks into your beautiful, cozy, and fun home. i said this before, but i had to look away when he pulled the saw out and started cutting it up! there is also a lot of beautiful old stained glass in the windows which i love they have kept and not torn out. (i’ll show the lower hanging soffits in better detail in a video soon! sure. But I thought you weren’t ever going to share your bedroom because that was your personal space? This is the exact style and color bed I have been eyeing for months! Oh if I could only get my husband to agree to a green velvet headboard! All the Best. This sounds like such a wonderful chapter of your lives, something really special to look back on . <3. Your home looks so gorgeous! For me this is the true feeling of home! I’ve been waiting to see what you have done with that space! I LOVE this update! We are a few months into our new home situation in Arizona and while a lot has happened on the home front in many regards (though never as quickly as I’d like! Perhaps the old bedroom wasn’t one you loved? under 3 years old (adoption/foster care….age gap between oldest and youngest is 18 months! this is ridiculously beautiful, what a fun home for your babies to grow up in. (But day 10 of city restrictions and…” It really speaks to my heart as I think about what may have taken place here before us, with little ones that grew to be big ones with walls I am hopeful maintained a safe space for a family to make the memories within them. So glad you are in AZ!! This new space is incredible and I am OBSESSED with the pink chairs! Enjoy your new home. also, josh actually picked out this color from the fabric swatches and i just have to give him major props because i love this color in this space so much. i’m actually sitting in the living room right now typing this and all the lights are off besides this lamp. it was nice to have someone to bounce ideas off of. All the best for your family. And also, ultra-randomness… my family totally knew Josh back in the day and I remember as a teenager watching you two whenever you were at stake youth activities and being so envious of your amazing style. Where did you get your skirt ? It is so much fun and so colorful!! This vacation home has free private parking, a 24-hour front desk and free WiFi. it almost looks like it’s sparkling because of the seeded glass orbs. A reno is not for the faint of heart! now people don’t have an excuse to not visit us. if you caught my insta stories when we were moving into our apartment about a month ago, you might remember we hired a couch surgeon to take our brand new sofa apart and put it back together again after getting it into our front door. Bless you sister. ), we are making progress slowly but surely. I love your style and apartment!! That great art print of the NYC skyline is by Yoni Alter- you can find them (and more fab city skylines, all the scale!) I won’t shy away from the fact that being thrown into home ownership for the very first time and the maintaining of anything green has pretty much felt entirely overwhelming like, every thirty hours or so. This is the most beautiful apartment ever! Thank you again for being an awesome human being. i love love LOVE this post and your new apartment! you all know how much i love shifting furniture around and trying every possible layout every few months, so having options, even in smaller city apartments, is a major plus. It’s so fresh- it just begs to be touched! same with all the old woodwork. so beautiful! Another plus is that it’s right where the laundry is for all the pool towels and clothing changes as they’ll then have a dedicated place to dry off and change and leave their wet towels or rinse their muddy boots or whatever it might be they bring in from playing in the yard. Also, i really realllly like the fact that it looks like people actually liver there; rather than what we see on other blogs nowadays, where everything seems perfectly placed with no regards to functionality whatsoever. Hi Taza, I LOVE your apartment. everything look just perfect and so inviting! We have been looking for a 2BR with an elevator in a prewar building for awhile. i’m so excited to begin sharing more photos and words about our new apartment now that we are all moved in and officially settled! I could give you a ton of insight! your home is what MY dreams are made of! Ohhhh I love how it turned out! Add To Favorites. What a beautiful apartment…colorful decor…and happy family! That city has my heart. sometimes something can be really pretty, but it’s the most uncomfortable thing to sit on and we were determined to find pieces for this apartment that were comfortable as well as pretty. If you ever are in need of some Red lipstick that wont rub off while playing with ur little or even kissing on them. if you’re interested in checking it out, head to! Naomi your appartment is so beautifull! I’ve been trying different sites out and still can’t seem to find a site that I LOVE using yet. But the house had been so thoroughly cared for by the previous owners, and I feel an immense amount of gratitude that we haven’t run into anything scary like mold or failing pipes or worse. Any recommendations you can send me on what broker you used to find your place? i have my own website that i’m working to build a following on, and chatting with you would just make me so happy! A throwback to this big beautiful tree tucked in t, Adventures in spying from an open attic E, Guess we’re doing take-out tomorrow for Thanksgi, Focusing my heart on gratitude these next seven da, Always barefoot. We actually will be renovating our ranch style home with 7ft ceilings ;p in the next few years so I’m dying to follow along on your journey!!! Many congratulations on your beautiful home!! Love, love, love the space! josh and i were up until about 11PM one night hanging things together and some how we didn’t argue despite it taking forever long (i only say this because hanging things up on walls has proven to be a slightly stressful issue for our marriage in previous apartments over the years). Love the decor! . I love it!! What is the name of the rug? just that! Yep! ), all of the pillows and throw blankets are also from anthropologie. What a STUNNING home!! 10.1k Likes, 69 Comments - Naomi Davis | Love Taza (@taza) on Instagram: “My tiny apartment is quiet and dark and everyone is sleeping. Where did it come from? The property is filled with mature trees and shade in a neighborhood zoned for all kinds of animals in a fully fenced-in space. And it’s so exciting about all the renovations! this city just feels like home to us, more than any other place in the world, and we are grateful for this chance to have a little more space to spread out in and call home in our favorite city.
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