They are found in all these habitats both on Cape York peninsula and Torres Strait Islands. Crocodiles are only found across the northern tip of Australia, from Broome on the west, to Darwin on the North and then to Rockhampton on the east. But the reef is known as one of the seven wonders of the world and there is so much to see under the surface it would be a shame to miss out on all the wonders beneath the surface. It is estimated that there are at most just one or two fatal crocodile attacks per year in Australia. Both species of crocodiles are protected in Australia; wild specimens cannot be destroyed or collected without a permit from wildlife authorities. But with a little knowledge, you can avoid being croc bait. The government have done an excellent job of warning people of crocodile hot spots so attacks continue to get fewer and fewer. How to Prevent a Crocodile Attack Please check with your local wildlife licensing agency. Don’t go snake chasing. Avoid the waters and you are on your way to never being faced with this gruesome reptile. Don’t pick up snakes. Beating up Crocodiles? How to Avoid Being Bitten By a Snake in Australia. Australian Saltwater Crocodile is found in northern Australia - in the oceans, along the coasts, in the river mouths and rivers, and even in freshwater lagoons and billabongs. Illustration by Sam Woolley. And even then, they are only found close to the coast. Be careful where you tread. A permit is required to keep this species in captivity, with both species seen as unsuitable pets in some States and Territories. In some areas (eg. protected areas in Queensland, Australia) it is illegal to do so without good reason. By the way, not all Kimberley crocodiles are dangerous.We have two different species of crocodiles in the Kimberley, freshwater crocodiles and saltwater crocodiles.All the warnings below concern saltwater crocodiles. Despite Steve Irwin and Crocodile Dundee creating a stereotype that all Australian’s love to wrestle crocodiles, saltwater crocodiles (also known as estuarine crocodiles and ‘salties’ ) are capable of scaring anyone, including a true blue (Aussie). Avoid predictable activities at the water's edge - crocodilians hunt effectively by learning routines and patterns in their prey, and they learn quickly. Recently there was a headline in the newspapers “Man swimming with daughters fights off 3m crocodile at … Home > Travel Outback Australia > Travel Tips > How To Avoid A Deadly Encounter With Saltwater Crocodiles September 8, 2019 May 19, 2017 Note: This article contains an affiliate link to … Crocodile attacks in the Great Barrier Reef are rare but they do exist. Crocodile Attacks And How To Avoid Them.
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