They continue to provide support. As we realized that we weren’t accomplishing our goals with our initial vendor, we started to do a deep dive into further documentation. I wasn’t satisfied with the first version. Experion Technologies built and launched a custom portal for an Infor SyteLine cloud-hosted ERP solution. Suite 1702, Boulevard Plaza Tower-1, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard. The project involved development of an on-demand, real-time, mobile marketplace to connect hiring managers with a prequalified and location based employee prospects. However, Experion Technologies recently replaced some of their resources, so I’m hoping that eases the issue. March 11, 2020. Developed a web and mobile (iOS & Android) based solution which acts as an online platform connecting private security providers, Enterprises and law enforcement agencies. I greatly appreciated that because I always knew where I stood with them. Detailed rental reports and payment gateway integrations. Experion Technologies is focused on building digital software solutions and products for mid-sized enterprises as well as early stage companies. The team has fluctuated over time, but on average there have been about 17–25 teammates working on the project. The application is a role based Document Management System for prescription policies & procedures. There were also a couple of applications within our industry that we felt could be made better and more efficient by leveraging technology. It’s made a lot of things easier around here. The computer guided solutions offered by the client provide video based interactive programs that allow users to interact with a virtual therapist. The client is one of Australia’s leading public healthcare providers. I used Clutch to find a company with the necessary skill, efficiency, and budget. Experion Technologies developed a WordPress website and custom web app to help financial advisors compare their clients’ portfolios. I have one main point of contact. These teams needed to be more mobile. The project involved the development of a web and mobile application that offers van-pooling services to the public. The system generates various reports to track production and allows easy comparison of data from previous years. Some of the technologies they’ve been using include React Native, .NET, and Power BI. The application enables drivers of Freight and Logistics companies to pick up and deliver items to multiple locations. We just guided them with what facilities we were requiring and they did the development accordingly. We provide products and services to sand casting and dye casting foundries. The end-user mobile application provides a hassle-free platform to search for and view the details of different car rental dealers within the proximity of 10Km from their current location. Based out of the United States, the client is a leading software provider for the worldwide cruise and travel industry. They had both the economy of scale and skill set we wanted, so we hired them. The client is a technology start-up that offers a food marketplace. “We believe we will use them for updates in the years to come.”. We also have a business analyst, a data architect, and several other data analytics experts. We got started on some smaller things to see how things would work out. Specifically, we provide binder resins, coatings, additives, release agents, feeding systems, and auxiliares as well as simulation software and technical services. My team works with 7–8 people from their team. Experion Technologies among Top 1% custom software companies in the world. Be clear about what you want, and have effective project management on both sides. We went through several trials before we came up with the final decision to go with them. We started doing project management internally alongside them, and it has helped things run more smoothly. It has a PostgreSQL database and leverages Tableau for analytics. The client is one of the world's leading hospitality technology solutions provider. I’ve been impressed by their experience and intellect for how to architect and achieve something. They follow a very distinct methodical process that provides documentation and a roadmap. We’re in a better position to control the salesforce. I found them through Clutch. Part of that is the limitations of Tableau which is the tool that we chose to render all the graphics and process all the numbers. They were recommended by a colleague, and we were aware of the work they had done in Australia. Their success bodes well for a continued relationship. 456 were here. They are an engineering company with UI resources. I found them on Clutch. An Android application for drivers and a web portal for operations management was also developed. From there, they presented us with a clickable prototype that we were able to use in demonstrations with potential customers and investors. “They captured our vision with their passion and spirit for our goals.”. We've spent $200,000 so far. The application was developed using responsive web design for ease of access from desktop, tablet or mobile devices. They built exactly what we gave them, but with their expertise and knowledge of Tableau, we thought they would make it better. The product also includes a newsletter and webinar capabilities. If I were to go through the process again, I would’ve put more detail and thought into it. The saved data can be used to track customer visits for marketing to correlate sales data against targeted demographics. Despite COVID, they’ve stayed on track. They provided us with wireframes for various user personas that would be engaging with our platform. This is a messaging platform developed for a healthcare technology company. They rolled out multiple updates to our product once complete. They launched the first version in August 2019. I’m really impressed with them.”. Although the portal is up and running, we are still working with Experion Technologies on enhancements. Earlier, Experion was also ranked by Clutch as one among the Top Retail Mobile App Development Companies across the world. We focus on patients that are often written off by medical professionals, hoping to give them the technology they need to live with less stress. Experion Technologies one of highest rated among 200 Software Development Companies. The distributed ledger records all transactions from farm to store, thereby establishing high level of security and trust in farm operations. We also liked the account lead and technical personnel we spoke with early on. That involved functional specs being turned into user stories. They have helped thousands of retail customers maximize revenue and reduce cost with their state-of-the-art Business intelligence (BI), Loyalty, Direct marketing, Security, Mobility, E-commerce and Point of sale (POS) solutions. This mobile based solution is developed for patients who underwent critical care at  major US hospitals . Experion Technologies aided us in that process as well, pointing us in the direction of what would help them the most. The application allows revenue managers to access and manage hotel inventory distributed through different channels. We worked with our IT manager to provided very basic wireframes ahead of time and Experion Technologies did the rest of the heavy lifting in terms of fleshing them out. Location based service enables listing nearest and cost effective spaces (hotel lobbies, restaurants, etc.) I started with Manoj (Vice President), and I worked very closely with the project manager. Participating businesses will have access to a web based interface through which deals and promotions can be managed and pushed to the mobile application. The solution helps security service providers find service requests from Enterprises and small businesses and take up such requests based on availability and convenience of security personnel. Since we defined exactly what we wanted our MVP to be, the team has been able to hit their targets and sprint times. I’m a global manager for ASK Chemicals, a foundry consumable provider. The system provides insight for production planning, genetic performance, fish species performance, operation efficiency and environmental factors that affects fish production system. In those situations, make sure you assign a strong project manager on your end to ensure that schedules and resources align. Innovative application of technology makes their hydroponic farm production process efficient. Option for a buyer to submit a bid online. One of their VPs and co-founders functioned as our main point of contact. They are doing whatever they can to improve for us. It provides features such as easy check-in and real time communication capabilities to connect with friends, businesses, local deals, events and promotions. When we began the project, my company lacked detailed requirements and were not as prescriptive as we should have been. They use Basecamp to organize sprints and communicate. 122, Kingspark Business Centre, 152-178 Kingston Road, 15% Other programming & scripting languages, Director of Information Technology, Behavioral Health Company, CEO, eMental Health International Collaborative (eMHIC), CFO, Snow Removal, Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance Company, Director of Special Projects, Fintech Strategies Firm, President & COO, Insurance Adjusting Firm, VP Information Technology, Pharmaceutical Company, Global Manager, Global Foundry Products Manufacturer. They are currently adding enhancements. Have a clear understanding of what you want to accomplish before moving forward in any capacity. The smart sensor driven application (Internet of Things – IoT based) is used in a wide variety of scenarios such as vehicle tracking, water metering, environmental monitoring, irrigation control, security and surveillance which require high precision monitoring. The solution helps business users to create offers and end consumers can access the offers based on their location/ set preferences using the mobile app. Per the schedule, we should be on sprint nine but the team is finishing sprint 11. Overall, the team has been very good at being diligent in their deliverables. The client is an Australia based company involved in Aquaculture and has 20+ years of expertise in the industry. The solution is built around the fitness tracking capabilities of mobile phones and a unique wearable device being developed by the client. The application provides, quick snapshots of room sales, real time room rate among other features. We had begun a software build on a claims management system with another firm and quickly realized that they weren’t able to complete it. There are 25–26 people on the team in total. They provide real-time business intelligence, rate shopping, channel management, online distribution and reservation delivery capabilities. The application enables the property managers to advertise the rental property and handle tenant inquiries. The platform also allows owners to keep track of their pet’s grooming, vaccination schedule, etc. The solution that Experion Technologies developed has streamlined business processes, allowing the in-house team to better keep track of payroll information. We reviewed six different organizations, and they kept rising to the top, so we reached out to them to get to know more. The latest rating puts Experion among some of the best companies on Clutch’s platform. Experion developed a web based connected solution for monitoring and analyzing various parameters (environmental/ biological) affecting Aqua farm production. Their communication has been above average. The application has features such as automated check-in and time entry mechanism, location tracking and time stamps while on duty providing security operations, alerts & notifications in case of deviations and exceptions from set geo-fences, etc. Experion has been listed among the ‘Top Development Partner’ by Clutch for the year 2020. With about 1500 employees, the company services over 48 million passengers every year. Experion Technologies has been ranked as one among the Top Retail Mobile App developers in 2018. For context, Clutch analyzes 160,000 companies worldwide. The solution allows enhanced and quick access to patient details saving time and stress involved. There is one main project lead and an additional four people. Know all aspects you want to address in your company, and then break it down into a much more detailed view for each category. The solution leverages IoT, cloud and blockchain technologies to monitor, control and connect all aspects of modern day farming and supply chain. For instance, they mainly use Confluence and Jira to manage themselves. The client is a provider of healthcare industry’s most comprehensive suite of personal behavioral health & wellness services in the US. Allows buying and selling of property through the platform. The mobile application is used by the client’s delivery staff to handle the entire process from order receipt to delivery and payment collection. I didn’t have any difficulties with them. Since 2006, 130+ clients were served across United States, Australia, Europe, Africa and Asia. The company has offices/ direct presence in the United States, India, Australia, Germany, Switzerland and Netherlands. As you increase the scope, the number of resources on their end will also increase. They might be able to have a little more creativity in their graphic design, such as when they’re doing UIs. Products and custom applications developed by Experion have served over 200 customers across 26 countries worldwide. Their processes made it very easy to continue forward without delays. The client, is the largest producer of sweet bell peppers in North America. gtag('js', new Date()); I believe they used VB.NET. We conducted interviews and reviewed their samples of work. That’s why we’re here to help! Due to the business intelligence tools they had incorporated in the product, we’re able to look into our sales and make some decision-making processes much easier. Widgets for slow-moving items, mystery shopper inputs, competitor price information. We’ve used Basecamp for project management, as well as another tool where we can see the description of each feature of the app. Our direct sales are done manually. I broadened my scope because no one had landscaping listed, so I looked a those that served construction clients. They do well with meeting deadlines, and they are responsive. The solution provides assistance during their post hospitalization and rehabilitation period. In May 2019 we had one month of learning and then we went live starting in June 2019. Experion has been listed among the Top Software Developers by Clutch for 2018 and 2019. When we sell a job, it tracks our material usage and how much those materials cost so that we can send those to the customer. Those factors were our primary reasons for hiring them. Software product and application development services. We’re a digital health company that provides maps that allow caregivers to establish daily routines and improve quality of life. I flew out to India when we got the project rolling, so I was able to meet the whole team. The client is a US based logistics technology solution provider in transportation and supply chain management domains. They produce more results, work harder, and have more expertise than our previous partner. The scope of work also included designing an intuitive UI and making key enhancements to the web application. The project involved the development of a mobile application to showcase menu items from linked restaurants. Our work together began in February 2020, and it’s ongoing. For the past 30 years the client has offered technology solutions to healthcare providers, consumers and communities which enabled them to support their clinical, business and operational needs. There’s no need for any double entry in the ERP system. Their team is about 15 people, including a project manager, Azure experts, .NET engineers, and higher-level roles. They’ve been great to work with. Experion’s success decoded. The application also provides on-field dashboards for field inspectors to visualize past data. The solution consolidates an existing iOS app for laptops, iPhones, and iPads. 1146 19th Street, NW The Group, which has 43 production facilities in total, has manufacturing activities in Turkey, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Russian Federation, Georgia, Ukraine, Egypt and India.With a distributed sales team spread across different sales regions, the client was facing numerous challenges in managing its operations and improving efficiency. I give them an A+ on the documentation and scheduling. The project involved redevelopment of client’s existing order management application from ASPX to Angular JS and .NET technologies. Experion Technologies is a software product and application services company. Since this isn’t our area expertise, having them guide us has been great. They specialize in Remote Patient Monitoring and Tele-health services. Every week I send them something that needs revising. They developed a fairly complicated, custom web app that provides quantitative analysis for financial advisers. They're helping us move forward and are improving the graphics. Their project management skills are exceptional; they created a project roadmap and their documentation is fantastic. The client was incorporated in 1977 with an established aim to revolutionize and rejuvenate the food industry of the Kingdom of Bahrain. But clients that are critical about UI may want to hire another vendor to provide graphics for Experion Technologies. Additionally, from the onset, we pressured them quite heavily on what we needed without having a clear understanding of the project. How did Experion Technologies perform from a project management standpoint? I’m the director of information technology for a telephonic behavior health services provider. For the MVP development, we went with a traditional agile development style. Developed an easy to use iPad application for a leading Pharmaceuticals brand. We use a combination of different dev tools to track user stories and project progress. We focus on developing customer solutions and applications for our clients using the latest mobile, web, analytics, and cloud technologies. It allows the user to manage lease agreements, move the tenant(s) into the property and collect rental income. The project involved re-developing an Electronic Health Records (EHR) system in .NET technology. The solution is designed to maximize field productivity by enabling field personnel collect data over mobile phone. As long as our specs were clearly documented, there weren’t issues. The application was developed using React Native and accessible on multiple mobile operating systems. We were quite naive going into the process, to begin with. 802, 8th Floor, Lulu Cyber Tower 1, Infopark SEZ, B-5, First Floor, Gayathri, , Technopark Campus, 513, 5th floor, Tower 2, Pearls Omaxe building. Experion Technologies outlined their workflow ahead of time, ensuring that everything was delivered on time. Those were prioritized in two-week sprints. We found Experion Technologies on Clutch. An Agri chain marketplace, built on top of HyperLedger, connects community farmers with retailers and end consumers. The Group currently specializes on two main business areas: Baby care and Health care products; and had a turnover of €1442 million in 2016. With its expansive feature set FieldMax® was the only product which was able to align itself to the clients established internal processes seamlessly. On a day-to-day basis, I work with a project manager and a business analyst. When all is said and done, we will probably spend over $1 million. We’re getting five times the expertise and resources and only spending about a quarter or less of our original dev firm. "The team has accomplished  what other developers thought would be difficult.". The sales team highlighted that the intuitive user experience, insightful and real-time analytics (BI) capabilities of FieldMax® helped it to stand out above the other competitors. Experion’s singular focus on delivering custom solutions and applications for our clients using the latest mobile, web, analytics, and cloud technologies has helped us clinch this award. The application provides interactive information about the company’s products, which the sales representative can use for sales promotion and for educating doctors/ medical professionals. Patient fitness and activity levels are closely monitored using activity sensing capabilities. Listing of cars available in the 10km radius of customer location in the map using a proximity algorithm. The team’s consistency and attention to detail make for strong project management. Experion has been ranked by Clutch as among the top B2B software development companies in India and the world. With any offshore vendor, organization is key. That service augmented anything we could have accomplished on Skype. window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; The iOS (iPhone/ iPad) and Android based mobile application helps local public connect with healthcare providers in a specificied location. As a result, all the people that I work with are all on the same page, which makes it very easy to work effectively and efficiently with them. Experion reengineered the client’s existing software platform, which had limited documentation. The application helps the retail team to take stock count of watches in stores and to place new orders. Clutch Top Mobile App Developer 2016 Plus, they have an Android device with them. We are rolling out project management tools on a weekly basis. My experience with them has exceeded my expectations, to be honest. Suite 400 The project involved maintenance/ enhancements of an end-to-end solution for logistics data management. There was a language barrier in the beginning, but communication is more effective now. I didn’t commit as much time as I should’ve and there were a lot of things that we missed during the testing phase. Developed for a leading leisure gaming facility provider, this mobile based solution provides an easy and convenient option for end customers to access their game and membership related information. We focus on serving the Enterprise, ISV, and Startup segments across the Retail, Transportation, … Make sure you have detailed requirements and a dedicated project manager. If there was a disagreement or we weren’t on the same page, it was very easy to see what was wrong and how to get back in sync. The application also provides gamification elements to motivate users. Positive feedback is an intangible benefit of Experion Technologies’s work. The team got faster once we adjusted the timeline. We started working together in January 2019 and the work is ongoing. during the post hospitalization time period. Developed a B2B enterprise mobile application (iPad app) that helps manage a 25000+ strong watch retail network. It has significantly reduced our workflow and even our human resources have been reduced. We needed a partner who could meet our project goals. Clutch is one of the most trusted B2B research companies globally. We had a vendor, but they could not execute the project at the price point we wanted. A single view of data from multiple internal systems, Real-time business intelligence to the management for quick decision-making, Rich UI with data visualization for engaging, and interactive user experience. The solution connects patients and physicians through web/mobile channels, by allowing for  easy communication via video, audio and chat options. If there is a match based on search parameters, the user need to pay only half the fare for the shared ride. This iOS and Android based application helps fitness enthusiasts and defense services aspirants/ serving officers to assess their fitness level and take the application guided training program to improve fitness levels. The client focuses on flat glass, glassware, glass packaging, soda ash and chromium chemicals. We have things moving forward that will bring it to probably $350,000. It allows the car rental dealers to register on this portal and add their vehicles to it. There was some difficulty in getting them to understand what we wanted initially. The application is interfaced with the client's enterprise accounting and invoicing application. This is an iPad based application used by federal authorities to capture incident reports from the field. We evaluated 3­–4 companies in an RFP process. The solution eliminates paper based data capture, and allows inspectors fill in incident forms directly from the field, capture images/ videos and automatically track geo coordinates. Most of these solutions interface with our Microsoft Dynamics-based CRM system. Terms & Conditions, © 2020 , Experion Technologies, All rights reserved. This tool systematically uses math to analyze thousands of rows of data. Experion Technologies named a ‘Top Development Partner’ by Clutch! Despite the time difference, the team is communicative and accessible, and they leverage their expertise to provide valuable guidance. Experion has been listed as one of the Top Web Developers by Clutch for 2018 and 2019. Experion Technologies has the experience and intellect necessary to satisfy requirements, and their work so far has exceeded expectations. My company’s sourcing team member found a few offshore vendors. Developed a mobile optimized web application aimed at providing an online platform for location based listing for local utilities businesses. Participating businesses can create offers/ deals through a web interface which the end users can access through the mobile application. The adaptable, skilled team manages the project well, and they've fostered a strong partnership. The intuitive application makes it easy to fill in the billing details, thereby increasing efficiency of the doctor and saving money for the hospital at the same time.
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