Although, the more recent use of westernized names has led to a flip of surnames and given names. Male. names at Top 100 Baby Names Search. Random. 200+ Chinese Baby Girl Names and Meanings. Like Next One . these great baby names has just the right blend of the exotic... Ai. ‘When in Rome, do as the Romanians do.’ Choosing a Chinese name is a great way to help you fit overseas life in China well. CHEN , the morning. Chinese dragon name generator . This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitute for professional health services. Chinese Tools. Girl: Chinese: Buddhism: Wang Xiu: Wang means King, Monarch, Xiu means Develop, Luxuriant, Beautiful, Elegant, Outstanding: Girl: Chinese: Buddhism: Zhang Li: Zhang means Stretch, Extend, Archer, Li means Beautiful, Reason, Logic, Establish, Black, Dawn: Girl: Chinese: Buddhism: Zhang Min: Zhang means Stretch, Extend, Archer, Min means Quick, Clever, Sharp: Girl: Chinese: Buddhism See a medical professional for personalized consultation. CHU HUA: Chinese name which means “Chrysanthemum”. Free Online Tools. Don't hesitate to take a look at the entire website. Other forms include turtles, fish, lions, and imaginary creatures. Looking for the perfect name for your little one? If there’s one thing these Chinese baby names for girls have in common, it’s this: Each and every name has a truly gorgeous meaning — whether it’s a flower, plant, celestial body or simply a charming character trait you might hope your baby girl will have. NIU, a girl. Search Belly Ballot to discover the popularity, meanings, and origins of thousands of names from around the world. See also about Chinese names. Among Chinese in Boston, the most common three first names are Wei (1.34%), Hong (0.916%) and Hui (0.836%). CHUNTAO , spring peach. Jia means the outstanding, great person who is everyone's favorite. Watch this FREE 30-minute video to discover how I went from a dead-end job to an amazing lifestyle that allows me to earn a substantial income at home, and watch my little boy grow up... URL=""; google_ad_client="pub-0350197887669519";google_ad_slot="3240462943";google_ad_width=336;google_ad_height=280; Home  |  Site Map  |  How I Quit My 9 to 5 Job...  |  Baby Links  |   Page 1 - Discover 1000's of FREE Chinese Male Names, Boy Names, tough boy names, traditional names, unique, rare and modern baby names in super Fun naming categories, and baby names lists. google_ad_client="pub-0350197887669519";google_ad_slot="6254314718";google_ad_width=336;google_ad_height=280; Discover Female Chinese Names & other fantastic baby girl Note that depending on the Chinese characters used these names can have many other meanings besides those listed here. You might just find that one of 4. First Name Family Name Generate My Chinese Name. 2   The ancient... 语嫣 Yu Yan. This name for girls is composed of two Chinese herbal plants: zhi (angelica) and ruo (pollia). 书兰 Shū lán – In this Chinese name, shū means book and lán is orchid. Chinese dragons are mythological beings that come in many different forms, but the most common one is the long, snake-like creature with four legs and no wings. Image: Chengdu, China . Chinese names are used in China and in Chinese communities throughout the world. The first part is the xing, which is the surname. It is the word which is written on Chinesee,The wall that surrounds a city. BIYU , jasper, the precious stone. Most of the Chinese baby girl names represent Ancient civilization, beautiful places, modern cities, and places. Chinese names are used in China and in Chinese communities throughout the world. CHUNHUA , spring flowers. It’s the first name of a famous female architect and poet. Each name has a truly gorgeous meaning reflecting a plant, flower, celestial body or any other natural wonder. For example, a commoner may only have one name, the given name, while a member of the nobility could have up to four names and two titles. Chinese personal names are names used by those from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and other parts of the Chinese-speaking world such as Singapore.Due to China's historical dominance in East Asia and Vietnam, many names used in Korea and Vietnam are adaptations of Chinese names or have historical roots in Chinese, with appropriate adaptation to accommodate linguistic differences. from the Orient, just might be your baby's name. NÜYING, female flower. (Note: In Chinese, surnames come before the first name. Xie Ju. Annchi … angelic peace. The meaning of this name can change based on the hanja characters used to write it. Another way to estimate the most common first names in America is to look at names of babies registered at birth with the Social Security Administration (SSA). Get a good Chinese name now with the following Chinese name Generator for free. He Ping. The traditional number of names in the United States is three names—a first name, a middle name, and your family or last name. Chinese name is very different from English name. Chinese: F ---Female Chinese Names: Origin: F: Da-Xia: long summer: Chinese: F: Dongmei: winter plum: Chinese: F: Eu-fùnh: playful phoenix: Chinese: F: Eu-meh: especially beautiful: Chinese: F: Fang: fragrant: Chinese: F: Far: flower: Chinese: F: Fenfang: fragrant: Chinese: F: Fung: bird: Chinese: F: Guan-yin: goddess of mercy: Chinese: F: Hùifang: nice fragrance: Chinese: F: Howin: a loyal swallow: Chinese: F: … Traditionally, Chinese baby girl names are a combination of two names. QIU, Autumn. The number of names you had often signified your social status and affiliations. Some names only have 2 elements - surname, first name. I didn't want to miss a single great name. Origin: Chinese. Good Chinese girl names 作者: 来源:互联网 2013-05-14 15:26:13.000 If you want to make a pretty Chinese girl names, these girls' name is for easy reference. Traditionally, Chinese surnames precede a person's given name. Most Popular Chinese First Names on FamilyEducation: Wang, Jing, Quan, Chow. Most Chinese names consist of a surname (mostly single syllable) and followed by a given name (this could be one or two syllables). A person who gives life to other. and pretty that you've been looking for... At the very least Therefore, Wei of the Zhang family is called "Zhang Wei" and not "Wei Zhang".In contrast to the relative paucity of Chinese surnames, given names can theoretically include any of the Chinese language's 100,000 characters and contain almost any meaning. Yi Yu. Chinese surnames are often monosyllabic. Choose from the 200+ popular name ideas that follow. The earliest trend of foreigners in China picking a Chinese name can be traced back to the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907) in history. This name generator will give you 10 random Chinese dragon names. Baby girl names It's not as difficult as you may think. Are you looking for a name for your beautiful baby girl? 3. More Female Chinese Names >> ], SBI Video by: Todd Kozinka | Date: Jul 2 2008 | Case Studies. Generated 5 random names with surnames. Description. First name means: "Tranquil." ... From Chinese 坤 meaning "earth, female", as well as other characters with a similar pronunciation. Feel free to browse Chinese baby names have their origin in mainland China, Macau, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Chinese diaspora overseas. QIAO, high, aspiring, proud. Chinese given names are almost always made up of one or—usually—two characters and are written after the surname. QINGLING, lucky years. 2. QING, sky blue. Also the name of a popular female character written by Jin Yong, Yu … 海云 Hǎi yún – This name has beautiful imagery, hǎi refers to the sea and yún are clouds. 100 Popular Chinese Girl Names That Are Simply Cute 1. when i google ,i found several websites which can generator chinese name,i try and enter a name,Charlie Hoffs for example, and then get this names ,is … Ah Lam … peace. Look carefully... One of these great names This is the convention that we have used here. ) Privacy Policy  |  After-Baby Liposuction  |  Contact Us  |  Affiliate Program, Copyright©2005—Present CUIFEN , emerald fragrance. FANG: Chinese name which means “Fragrant”. the following list. Chinese First Names Here are five favourite or typical Chinese girl names: 1. If so, congratulations! *Female Chinese Names - compiled by research & survey, Page  1   Who loves to teach. QINGZHAO, clear understanding. Ai … love, affection. O-HUANG, beauty-august. Chinese Name Gender Guesser . Many Chinese abroad nowadays choose to introduce themselves with given name first as in the western custom (for example, Yoyo Ma rather than Ma Yoyo). Alix … dignified. Female. Rarely people have compound surnames which have archaic roots, and so will often have the name structure of disyllabic surname, first name. 4. QIANG, red rose. CHENGUANG , morning glory. [ QINGGE, love song. An … peace. 5. It's not always easy for a non chinese to guess the gender of a chinese name. In that same spirit of thorough carefulness -- we present you with Japan, on the other hand, still use the Chinese characters in their kanji writing, and this also influences their language and naming conventions. 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