This thread is archived. Save Comp. Sort by. It is a native of South America and was first detected in Florida in 2005. Thome, modified by K. Weigel, University of Florida), Belocaulus angustipes: genitalia-penial gland. Black Velvet Leatherleaf Slug form shallow … ** After handling live slugs, hands should be washed in hot soapy water, and rinsed in alcohol or a standard hand disinfectant. A Black Velvet Leatherleaf slug (Belocaulus angustipes) crawling its way over some garden foliage. The Black Velvet Leatherleaf Slug is an invasive species in Texas and can carry the nematode parasite Angiostrongylus costaricensis that causes abdominal angiostrongyliasis in humans. U.S. Habitat: Since they are intolerant of low humidity the sup-tropical southeastern United State are very suitable. [6] Due to their large numbers in the tropical regions, the Belocaulus angustipes are a big problem for agricultural crops. (Photo: © The foot is 4-5 mm wide in adults and 1 mm wide in juveniles. This slug can measure up to 55 mm when fully extended. More stock photos from this artist See All. Belocaulus angustipes, the black-velvet leatherleaf slug, is a species of land slug in the family Veronicellidae.. Anatomy and Morphology. Set up a beer trap . It is jet black in color with similarly colored tentacles. This terrestrial slug is from the family Veronicellidae (leatherleaf slugs) andcan grow up to 3.5 inches in length. (Photo: © B. Frank, Jacksonville), Belocaulus angustipes. It is now common in the western panhandle of Florida. Distributi… Some juveniles of the species will have a pale strip in the middle. These are a common sight in the tropical regions of … Belocaulus angustipes: note wrinkled appearance of mantle. This slug is native to the warmer parts of the SouthEast US. Photograph by Lyle J. Buss, University of Florida. (Just kidding, we don’t want to drown frat boys in beer.) The tropical leatherleaf slug measures 70-80 mm long. 100% Upvoted. The New Guinea flatworm may be tiny, but it can carry a dangerous parasite. I see these on my porch every few months and they have the most beautiful texture. [5] Their diet consists of both live and decaying plant matter. Black Velvet Leatherleaf Slug. Use diatomaceous earth, crushed eggshells or copper wire around plants to create a barrier that slugs cannot cross.. Thome, modified by K. Weigel, University of Florida), U.S.: Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi. u/pearkh. They have two ocular tentacles that are also black. So I was not sure what it was. Phasechange. (Photo: © B. Frank, Jacksonville), Belocaulus angustipes: note tan median line on mantle. Black-velvet leatherleaf slug. Save Comp. Our smallest in 1960 by Dr. Dee Dundee. Metairie, Louisiana. Black-Velvet Leatherleaf Slug. 29. Belocaulus angustipes, the black-velvet leatherleaf slug, is a species of land slug in the family Veronicellidae. ... but even the word slug makes her skin crawl. (Photo: © T.W. It is also known to be an intermediate host for the nematode Angiostrongylus costaricensis, causative agent of the rat lung disease, oesinophilic meningoencephalitis. level 1.
This slug can measure up to 55 mm when fully extended. I have never seen a slug where the mantel covers the entire animal. There is a pale, inconspicuous tan stripe down the center of the back, which may not be visible. A Black Velvet Leatherleaf slug (Belocaulus angustipes) seems to have reached the end of the line, as it hangs precariously at the end of some garden foliage. Belocaulus angustipes (Heynemann, 1885) B lack-velvet Leatherleaf: U. S. Department of Agriculture request for specimens : This invasive species was initially found in northeast Florida under a small piece of wood near a retention pond/lake at Baker Skinner Park in southern Duval County, Florida on 7/12/2005 (number 1 on the map). [1], As the common name suggests, Belocaulus angustipes are generally black and velvety in appearance as adults. The mantle extends over the entire length of the body. [7], "Terrestrial Slugs of Florida (Mollusca: Stylommatophora: Veronicellidae, Phylomycidae, Agrolimacidae and Limacidae)", "Slug: An emerging menace in agriculture: A review", "Parasitism of Molluscs by Nematodes: Types of Associations and Evolutionary Trends",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Two Black-velvet leatherleaf slugs mating, This page was last edited on 25 November 2020, at 15:21.
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