From January 2008, all medium higher education in the Central Region previously under CVU (Center for Higher Education), became organized as one unit under VIA. Social Media Statistics See detailed stats » × facebook stats. Denmark. Campus life. We have: - Approx. VækstVærket is located on campus Randers, but has its own facilities[19] as well as budget. Party / people . Weather / location. This institution accepts IELTS! Université Paul Sabatier: Toulouse III (49 reviews) Germany. The faculties are serviced by a series of departments such as marketing, corporate finance, student administration etc. It is present in the region with a total of eight campuses. Hovedtal - Den Koordinerede Tilmelding (KOT). VIA University College - International. VIA University College | World University Rankings | THE By using the THE website you agree to our use of cookies as described in our cookie policy . The courses are taught in English. VIA University College is engaged in various international research and development projects as the leading institution or as a partner. VIA's annual turnover is 1.6 billion DKK. 8240 Risskov. The VBI Park also plays an important role in the interaction between the programmes and the companies that employ the students after graduation. Ceske Vysoke Uceni Technicke v Praze (44 reviews) Estonia. Fachhochschule Regensburg (64 reviews) Greece. Some of the programmes VIA is participating in: There are several other university college organisations in Denmark: Coordinates: 56°09′22″N 10°11′26″E / 56.156°N 10.1906°E / 56.156; 10.1906. The University of Sydney. * * School Info VIA University College, Horsens (VIA University College) has 17 departments in Course Hero with 382 documents. They are organised between the executive board and the faculties.[7]. VIA and Dania each have a coordinator, which coordinates activities such as courses, teaching etc. Personal recommendation. VIA University College Horsens, Denmark VIA University College, located in the central region of Denmark, educates future engineers, designers, teachers and education specialists among others. Teori og praktik - i Danmark og i udlandet. VIA University College is Denmark’s largest and most international university college – also known as a university of applied sciences – with a total of 19,000 students of which 3,500 are international students from all over the world. Curious on what your life as a student at VIA could be like on campus, in Denmark and after graduation? VIA University College is a university college organisation in Central Denmark Region, Denmark, established in January 2008; VIA University College facts. pedagogical, the health profession and the technical-commercial area. Apart from its education activities, TAW hosts the Viborg Animation Festival, the largest animation festival in Denmark. Technologiko Ekpedeftiko Idrima - Athinas (8 reviews) Hungary. VIA is one of those university colleges. VIA campus Viborg houses, among other departments, The Animation Workshop, which is considered one of the top animation schools in the world. 2. Find the latest world rank for VIA University College and key information for prospective students.. Sponsored University . Interested in studying in Denmark? Meet students, see campuses and much more . [3] The number of students VIA University College can enroll is determined by the Ministry of education through among other an average of unemployment statistics. VIA University College is a publicly recognised and state-financed higher educational institution regulated by the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science. [8][9] The smaller campus, Campus Aarhus N, is located in the northern neighbourhood of Skejby, close to the Aarhus University Hospital, and houses educations from the Department of health such as nursing and nutritional educations.[10]. Global university agreements of VIA University College. VIA University College is Denmark's largest university college of applied sciences.We have 18,500 students enrolled of whom 2,500 are international. Continuing education is excluded from the totals. VIA University College is the largest applied sciences university with eight campuses located in Herning, Holstebro, Horsens, Randers, Silkeborg, Viborg, Aarhus C and Aarhus N throughout Central Denmark region, Denmark. Campus Aarhus C houses mainly educations from the department of Education and Social studies, but also includes assorted business, media, design and architectural and constructional vocational programmes. The largest faculty measured in terms of students and turnover is the faculty of Education & Social Studies followed by the faculty of Health Sciences and the School of Business, Technology and Creative Industries and finally the faculty of Continuing Education. half are international students from more than 40 different countries.[11]. VIA University College offers 35 higher-education professional programmes, including Bachelor degree programmes, within Technology, Business, Education, Social Studies, Health Sciences, Media, the Arts, and Design. The past weeks and months have been hectic, but seeing the festival's visitors enjoy themselves is the greatest payoff for the tribulations and hard work. Today, VIA is the largest of the seven university colleges in the Central Denmark Region. VIA University College. Aalborg University. VIA University College is the largest university college in Denmark. Dimensionering af de videregående uddannelser. VIA University College . The university colleges in Denmark were established as a result of a series of mergers of smaller educational centres in 2007. [20] Finally VækstVærket also offers various courses in entrepreneurship and a chance to partake in projects about entrepreneurship. Through research and development, they make sure that their programs are based on the latest knowledge. [21] TAW offers BA educations in Character Animation, Computer Graphic Arts and, since 2013, Graphic Storytelling. Students as October 1st, statistics from Statistics Denmark, retrieved June 6, 2017. 8240. The largest is VIA Campus Aarhus C, which is built in the new residential area called CeresByen in central Aarhus. [16] Approximately 800 students attend the educations housed at campus Randers. Today, VIA University College offers vocational bachelor courses of the following kinds. The new student housing placed directly on Campus contributes to the pulse here, as does the Student Bar, social activities and group work after classes. 3. The strength of VIA's programmes continues to be the combination of the latest research-based theoretical teaching with professional training. VIA University College's Instagram profile has 830 photos and videos. In addition they also have the option of receiving council from a professional consultant. You can apply for admission to any of VIA’s higher educational programme by filling out an application on Then visit us on campus or join one of our virtual events to get a sense of the environment and study programmes we offer. VIA University College (VIA UC) located in Denmark, is the largest institutions for further education in Northern Europe. 46 pages. Find your nearest test centre and test dates. Thus, a local VIA University college institution might have its enrollment reduced if the unemployment rate within its area of operation is higher than the average and vice versa. Internal figure sets the number at 785 as of 17th of February, 2017, which excludes FIF and COK students. It offers over 40 degree programmes in areas including health, teaching, design, and business, across its eight campuses in Jutland, in the west of Denmark. VIA University College is Denmark’s largest, most entrepreneurial and most international university of applied sciences with 3,500 international students. The internationally oriented higher education establishment was founded in 2008 as the result of mergers between numerous institutions of higher education. [17] In addition to the aforementioned educations, campus Randers also offers counselling in entrepreneurship as part of VIA's growth initiatives and in collaboration with the municipality of Randers as well as Business Academy Dania.[18]. VIA University College in Denmark. [14] From 2017 the social education department offers a six-month 30 ECTS course in the Early Childhood-field. Undergraduate. 3. Public higher educational institutions in Denmark are regulated by the Act for University Colleges of Higher Education (Act no. [15] In early 2018 it has been decided that a part of the teacher training in Aarhus relocates to Randers from 2018. Check out our comprehensive guide. viauniversitycollege. [2] VIA is headquartered in Aarhus, but the activities are anchored on eight campuses spread across 39 locations throughout the region. [7] At the very top there is a board of directors, which selects the rector. Czech Republic. In addition VIA also offers a two-year high school exam. Every year, VIA offers a variety of summer schools at Campus Horsens. 4. 3. Campus Aarhus C, Campus Aarhus N, Campus Horsens (VBI Park), Campus Randers, Campus Viborg and Campus Holstebro as well as other addresses. The strength of VIA's programmes continues to be the combination of the latest research-based theoretical teaching with professional training. 830 posts; 8,203 followers; 1,129 following; VIA University College Del dit studieliv på #VIAdk Følg med i de studerendes hverdag på en professionsbachelor-uddannelse. Get all info about the school, programs and application process. John Cabot University. Videregående uddannelser, Aarhus Kommune. The institution has a strong focus on research and development, making sure their programs are based on the latest knowledge. VIA University College is Denmark’s largest University College and covers all of Central Jutland. The table below lists the various programmes, VIA offers in English. Important factors in my choice (1) Unimportant – (4) Very important.