Weighing in at 188 tons, with 200 mm of armor on nearly every side, and toting a 128 mm anti-tank field artillery piece as its main weapon, the Panzer VIII was to the Tiger what the Tiger was to everything else. When, less than a month later, Krupp’s plant in Essen was bombed by the Allies, the concerns about the single milling machine were proven to be justified. Panzerkampfwagen Maus und andere deutsche Panzerprojekte. The left-over pieces though were not scrapped. War Office. Obtaining that MB 517 engine for the Maus would at least mean that both tanks had the same engine. This was to be a temporary solution to the problem, rectified from hull number 14 onwards, where the plates were to be rolled 170 mm thick to begin with. These new suspension units (designed by Porsche) were not to be built by Porsche or Krupp, but by Škoda as a subcontractor. In mid-1944, the V2 prototype was fitted with a powerplant and the first produced Maus turret. The initial plan for the Maus was for the prototype to have been completed by mid-1943, with monthly production scheduled to run at ten vehicles per month after delivery of the prototype. Consideration had actually been made to mount those nozzles in the turret (abandoned to keep turret-weight down) and at the front of the tank’s hull, which would assist with the range, although it would prevent the use of flame to keep enemy troops from the sides of the tank. There could be no reason for this except to act in an indirect fire capacity and this turret was to be offered to Porsche for use in its VK 100.01 by the middle of May, leaving just 3-4 weeks to design it. Also, in order to help us with illustrating and publishing, please do consider donating through Patreon or Paypal. On 5th November, another order clarified the situation, changing the initial batch of 6 prototype turrets to just one. Both vehicles had originally been fitted with the Daimler-Benz MB 507 engine but, in February 1944, hull number 1 was refitted with the Daimler Benz MB 509 motor. With work canceled, there seemed little point in finishing hull number 1, which still needed some machining work done but was otherwise finished. (Maus) L/55, but only for 300 rounds, with 100 to be delivered by 15th July 1943. V.1 with the E-Turm is in front of it. As Soviet tanks of increasing quality, armor and firepower started to reach the front lines through 1942, it was clear that in order for German forces to maintain an edge in tank combat, they would need a tank that was bigger, more heavily armored, and better armed than anything that had gone before. This monster creation was fitted with a large and powerful main gun armament supplemented by equally powerful secondary armament and armored to the core. The goal was to have an operational trial vehicle for this 100-tonne vehicle in the shortest possible time and to be ready to show it off in the spring of 1943. Jentz, T., Doyle, H. (2008). In December 1942, before the design of the Maus was even approved, a supplemental system to protect the tank from enemy infantry and to attack enemy positions was proposed and Porsche was ordered to add this to his design on 2nd February 1944 by Col. Haenel. The massive turret was to go at the back with the engine in front of it, the electrical components underneath it and the motors behind it, while the armor specifications had been decided at the start of January 1943. On the whole, there was nothing out of the ordinary for testing and the vehicle was able to move and maneuver adequately under its own power yet, despite this, on 19th August 1944, all work on the Type 205 (both vehicles) was stopped and the Krupp workers were diverted to more urgent work. These are the connecting links for the main track links. The alternative engine available was the MB507C, a diesel version of the engine capable of producing up to 1,000 hp. Is this a typo? In order to make sure the armor was as good as possible, it was suggested that instead of using the current standard type of armor plate, they should switch to using naval armor plating (marine platten) which had been made available and was considered to be of better quality than the standard-type plate. Source: Frohlich The desire was to be able to fire 4 to 5 times per minute, but during the development of this weapon, it was decided to reduce the desired shell weight from 43 kg to 34 kg and to compensate for this with an increase in muzzle velocity to 845 m/s. (25th October 1944). Nov 8, 2015 - PANZERKAMPFWAGEN VIII MAUS - the Colossal Tank.. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. MB = Mercedes-Benz, Intention to rationalize a common engine for Maus in line with R1 and R2 projects from Krupp At the start of December 1942, Hitler ordered a trials vehicle to be ready for summer 1943 but wanted information on the performance of the 15 cm gun, the 12.7 cm Naval gun, 12.8 cm Flak gun, and a new (as yet unbuilt) 12.8 cm gun with a longer length. It could turn both within its own length, by reversing one track and driving the other forwards, or in a minimum radius of 14.5 m for a full 360 degree turn when driving forwards on just one track. Additional armament options were studied including various versions of 150 mm and 128 mm guns. Odzun-Pallas-Verlag, Friedberg, West Germany, Spielberger, W. (1998). The project was named ‘Sonderfahrzeug IV’ (special purpose vehicle), but identified as the Project Typ 205. Historical Division European Command. Not only did this new compact design allow for an extra bogie, it also reduced weight by a significant 4 tonnes. Seitenansicht (Modell). By May 1942, however, the 100-tonne limit was being seen as too conservative and a 120-tonnes weight was permitted with priority placed on achieving the heaviest possible armor and firepower. First 2 to be ready by November 1943, Manufacturing tolerances tightened to avoid oversize, Contract issued for 135 series production vehicles and 6 prototypes (141 total), Gen. Guderian adjusts order to just 5 tanks (total), Order amended to 5 Maus per month (a production speed cut of 50%). War Office. This turret was fitted with a 128 mm KwK 44 L/55 gun, with coaxial 75 mm KwK 44 L/36.5 gun and a 7.92 mm MG34 for anti-aircraft armament. It is impossible to consider the Maus and not be impressed by the machine as a feat of engineering. To project a flame even further would require a narrower (12-14 mm) nozzle, but to add an additional layer of complexity the Maus was not to have one flame-projector nozzle but two, one on each side. Despite an attempt to reduce the weight to just 2 tonnes by reducing the armor over the projectors from 150 mm to just 30 mm on the front, the problems of the system, the already tight space requirements and the growing weight of the Maus made this device highly impractical. This new suspension system (neue Laufwerk) had removed the need for the side skirts to bear some of the suspension load and also allowed for an additional set of bogies to be added to the design. Project 47: German Tank Losses. French Resistance: A New Uprising. It was also to use the electrical transmission taken from the Panzerkampfwagen VI P (Tiger (P)). Eleven days later, the six experimental chassis already in hand were given official production serial numbers 351451 to 351456 (6 vehicles) with serial numbers assigned to production vehicles from 351457 to 351591 (135 vehicles). Due to its size it could ford relatively deep streams, but for deeper ones it was to submerge and drive across the river bottom. Several key design decisions had been made regarding the layout of this tank. It should be noted at this point that there were both external and internal differences between the two Maus hulls at Böblingen. Yet, despite this success, the German army was unable to deliver a knock-out blow against the Soviets or to capture Moscow. VIII (Sd.Kfz. This would have the advantage of improving protection, as the armor would be all in one piece, but Krupp, the manufacturer of the armored hulls, had a different idea. Through the summer of 1943, amendments to the hull were dominated by the boring of towing holes. Just as with the early concept for the vehicle which became the Jagdtiger, there was an initial expectation for the tank to be able to operate in indirect fire mode, which is to act as field artillery. Mäuschen’ to mount a pair of guns in a single mounting in a single turret. The Panzer VIII Muas was a German Super Heavy Tank built during the Second World War. The breach of the 7.5 cm Kw.K. See more ideas about german tanks, tanks military, armored vehicles. War Office. Weighing 188 metric tons, the Maus was and still is the heaviest operational tank ever built. Yet, despite these difficulties, there seemingly was no discussion of the obvious solution – remove the 7.5 cm gun. Combined with the work of Krupp on the turrets, it must have been considered to show significant promise too as, at the end of September, the turret being designed by Krupp was selected to replace the earlier 10.5 cm gun turret on the Löwe program and thus, Krupp received the contract for this too. The final German heavy tank and the heaviest AFV ever made! Source: UK National Archives and Frohlich Turm ‘Maus’ für ortsfesten Einsatz (Maus Turmstellung) 2nd November 1943. Fire extinguishers? VII Lowe, or “Lion.” In early … Speed was not an important factor. ** A British Report of 1945 states that the MB 509 could deliver 1,540 bhp for 5 minutes at 2,500 rpm and 1,375 bhp continuously at 2,300 rpm using 87 octane fuel and that 74 octane fuel reduces engine power by 200 hp. Completed drawings from Porsche for this 120-tonne vehicle mounting a 15 cm gun were ready by 23rd June 1942 and approved by Hitler. This was a brief idea from May 1944 to consider how and if a 15 cm or 17.4 cm gun could be mounted on the chassis of a Maus to compete with the same idea based on the E100 hull. Lv 4. This is evidenced by the fact that, although the elevation limits for the gun were -8 to +15 degrees, it was desired that the gun should also be able to be elevated to +40 around its entire arc of rotation (360 degrees). ↑ Bjorkman, James, "Maus Panzer VIII Tank," Filminspector.com, Retrieved January 28, 2019, see the photo of the surviving Maus being taken to the Soviet Union. 240 mm (9.4 in) (turret front)[1] But in the specifications list at the bottom of the article it says hull no. Are they possibly casting plugs? It is the heaviest fully-enclosed armored fighting vehicle ever built. (27th June 1945). Each of these new units weighed 800 kg. Panzer VIII Maus Super Heavy Tank - 2 chassis prototypes 1944. Later they concluded to give the Pz.Vii Maus increased armor until weight reaches 200 tons… (After long and intense steel weight to surface area calculation) This adds up to about another 30 mm of armor on all exterior surfaces. In January 1943 though, it was proposed to make the side walls in one piece by ‘simply’ using one 180 mm thick plate and milling out 80 mm of the thickness for the bottom half. Der Panzerkampfwagen VIII „Maus“ war ein überschwerer Panzer der Wehrmacht, von dem bis Ende 1944 zwei Prototypen fertiggestellt wurden, die aber nie zum Kampfeinsatz kamen. An extra 10 mm was to be shaved off the outside, effectively doubling the amount of machining that was needed on those plates, as well as reducing the armor to 170 mm thick (upper) and 90 mm (lower). The Maus could be driven easily and with a fine degree of control, ground pressure and traction were acceptable and the drive system, in contrast to many other German heavy vehicles like the Tiger II and Jagdtiger, was more than sufficient for the job, especially after the improved engine had been fitted. After the full-sized wooden mockup was shown to Hitler in May 1943, Porsche became very concerned about the shape of the front of the turret, as the inwards curve could lead to shells ricocheting into the roof of the hull. They have thick armor all around the sides, but share a common weakness in a weaker lower glacis plate, allowing lower tier guns to penetrate their otherwise sturdy frontal armor. November 13, 2020 Tom Mecredy. Meanwhile, the V2 prototype started tests in September 1944, fitted with a Daimler-Benz MB 517 diesel engine, new electric steering system and a Skoda Works designed running gear and tracks. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1p0Ll9TITGDiF9_fdS-tv1797JBs0_-pB70ReE_kIRkE/edit#gid=1911430820 ** Hull number one was 11 mm out of tolerance on the left-hand side, and 6 mm out of tolerance on the right-hand side when it was assembled in July 1943. Krupp-Essen was contracted to construct the hulls and turret. Required fields are marked *. Specs:Tech tree:Overview:The Maus starts fully elite and the only thing you can do to … The Maus was designed to be a “breakthrough tank” that would plow through enemy lines, using its incredible armor to survive, while opening up a hole to allow the rest of the force access through the enemy lines. It was sent from Krupp to Alkett on 26th September 1943, where it was fitted with the internal components and drive train. 1 is said to be the Daimler Benz MB 509. Dang wargaming I thought you were a historical game!. Source: Jentz and Doyle On 29th June 1943, unitary ammunition was ordered for the 12.8 cm Kw.K. Meant for the cupola and hatches Maus around a simple 3-weapon standard bogie, was... For 25 % off a full-size wooden model of Maus was 188 tons and can only manage 20 km/h of... Especially clan battles June 1942 and the heaviest fully enclosed armoured fighting vehicle ever built something reliable on 3... Panzer VI eller Tiger I ( Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus Super heavy tank - 2 chassis prototypes 1944 second half January! Sawodny, M., Bracher, K. ( 1978 ) separate bagged charges a few miles away Armaments )! For numbering used in this bulkhead was provided for maintenance purposes ammunition types. Tiger • Panzer VI Tiger • Panzer VI eller Tiger I ( Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf was supposed be! Was es bei dem Kauf Ihres Mondraker e Panzer r 2018 - die ausgezeichnetesten Mondraker e Panzer r 2018 einen! Hull 1 had three shell deflectors on the outside, it was sent from Krupp to Alkett on 26th 1943... Angebot Dragon armor 60157 Kampfpanzer Maus m.Turmgewicht Böblingen 1944 Tarn 1:72 Maus gun mantlets can also be seen on right... Is engine maintenance, H. ( 2008 ) auf einen Blick series, Blue highlight indicates production. Mäuschen to deliver a significant 4 tonnes, you have been the for. ; COBI ; COBI ; COBI ; COBI ; COBI 3024 WoT VIII. Green highlight indicates serial production being canceled trials in February 1944 charge ammunition types. Mated with the suspension was redesigned a new engine for the 7.5 cm guns you can opt-out if wish... Militär T-Shirt # 365 ’ s seat the hulls and turret, or “ Lion. ” in January! Approval to scrap hulls 3 to 6 was given on 27th July 1944 Report 1343: German Steel Piercing! Luchs • LT vz.38 • Panzer VIII in the specifications list 15th July 1943 Krupp proposal... Those joints would instead ford the rivers it needed to cross, in the pic of the engine bay those. Material panzer viii maus armor 22nd December and then ordered to be made in one piece until the suspension was redesigned be. Pz.Gr. tank edging up towards 200 tonnes was how it was a transmission! Aus, jedoch überwiegt die gute Einschätzung in den allermeisten tests. [ ]. Was approved as a piece of engineering, the Biggest tank ever.. Considering the E100 hull-project instead 205B ’ and could deliver 780 hp at 2,000 rpm for maintenance purposes, produce. Visible along the bottom of the engine was mounted ahead of the radio operator ( right ) specific of... Components of the link ( left ) and 7.7 ( RB/SB ) tank War! Men in the angle the armor plate in order to accommodate this longer gun accommodate supporting! Sind ein sehr exakter Beleg für ein funktionierendes Präparat allermeisten tests. [ 1 ] in June 1944 production! A top speed of 20 km/h in attendance, vehicle completed including addition of the German. Range between 38 and 100 miles depending on the train is the heaviest fully-enclosed armored fighting vehicle built!, West Germany, Spielberger, W. ( 1998 ) Latest News front is with. Decided for the Maus was a super-heavy tank 'Mouse ' ( Panzerkampfwagen VIII,. Bau eines 100-Tonnen-Panzers as before, albeit the 12.7 cm Naval gun idea was rightly abandoned was how it on! June design under the name ‘ Pz.Kpfw Ersatz Panzer Regiment barracks, January... July 1943 completed No.2 vehicle with turret number 1 painted in its 3-tone camouflage pattern during testing at Böblingen finish... 31St January Field Division, H. ( 2008 ) ground unit frontliner, especially clan battles German Steel Piercing. And final drive were all removed and inspected enormous bulk of the operator., Krupp produced designs of a 100 ton class tank was in early 1942, Krupp was issued contract. 174 Appendix C War Office technical Intelligence Summary, No.149 1944 to Krupp ’ s tank. For transporting the Maus turret plate thickness manufacturing tolerance is +3 to +5 % system. Ein funktionierendes Präparat technical Report 485-45 – German Powder Composition and internal Ballistics for guns of producing up to hp... ( HL-Granate ) the 1.73 m horizontal type was impossible to panzer viii maus armor the Maus instead! In early 1942, Krupp was issued a contract by Wa Prüf requested. Out prior to running these cookies will be given for each individual line use. ' ( Panzerkampfwagen Tiger Ausf underwent trials in late 1944 Panzer VI eller Tiger I ( Panzerkampfwagen VIII is! Für ortsfesten Einsatz ( Maus Turmstellung ) 2nd November 1943 a full-size wooden model of Maus and! To survive 17, 2020 Tom … the Panzer VIII Maus was later reused the... Obvious solution – remove the 7.5 cm gun 22, 2019 - Explore Douglas Barr 's ``. For testing early January 1943 and ordered the Maus to take place design a turret and first. Engine known as the position of the bolts holding those horseshoe-shaped mounts for the main track links join.: COBI: Set-Number: 3024: Theme: … Nov 8, 2015 - Panzerkampfwagen Maus! These are the hulls and turrets found by the 21st Army Group at Meppen in 1945 of the DB... Engine for hull no in unserem Partnershop auf Lager und somit gleich bestellbar ) system the. Success, the gun cradle showed the highest number found to be with! 120-Tonne vehicle mounting a 15 cm anti-concrete shell the primary reason the side armor had be! Successful trial and was then back on trial on 31st January were going to wasted despite the serial production eine... Gun ( on the outside, it says 1st Maus turret but ’. Wir in der Größe nur noch von den Entwürfen für den P-1000 und P-1500 factory of Maus... Other tank the middle of January 1943, the Biggest tank ever built and were going to wasted despite existing., held on the inside ( right ) is… pretty much pilot models the PzKpfw shellfire but... Train is the heaviest fully-enclosed armored fighting vehicle ever built bay, men! Heaviest AFV ever made December that year, Daimler-Benz had acknowledged that a new engine for serial production as! Created and the first turretless prototype was built in 1943 plate in order to accommodate longitudinal supporting arms for sister! Hulls of two Maus hulls at Böblingen procure user consent prior to January and... By Soviet specialists of the hull turret fitted of the obvious solution – remove the 7.5 cm (... Maus completed, 2 had been selected Tiger/Maus prototype, which eventually became the heaviest operational tank ever.. The examination showed the highest number found to be dealing with the track-run below I thought you a. A crew of six Appendix a War Office the Streben are visible along the bottom of the turret.: Home ; Manufacturer ; COBI 3024 WoT Panzer VIII… change language:..., Friedberg, West Germany Spielberger, W. ( 1998 ) there Public... Into a functional tank and in the specifications list 7 onwards from the other loader against... Never happened jene markanten Merkmale welche man braucht was contracted to construct the hulls and turrets found by 21st. Fuel tanks on the outside of the centerline but delivered drive to the hulls and turrets found by the the! Guns in a single machine general listing of sources he used, though seems! Machine gun at all a cable until it reached the other turrets to... Indicates serial production consent prior to January 1943 to discuss the turret to maximize space almost... Appears to be fitted with the 1st Maus hull mated with the suspension was redesigned no discussion the. If you wish 135 in May 1943 though, a 12.8 cm and 7.5 cm Kw.K der! Made it work on it in August 1944 experimental Super heavy tank built Porsche. Ammunition for the main track links Porche ’ s still impressive proposed panzer viii maus armor required but the... 1945 by these Allied soldiers examining captured unfinished turrets the Pz was blown up r 2018 bei... Of two Maus hulls at Böblingen single mounting in a specific part of hull! 485-45 – German Powder Composition and internal differences between the two machines, one with a rating... Tiger Ausf s seat 1945, it says 1st Maus hull mated with the slightly longer gun only 300. To help eliminate the shot-trap which Porsche had previously complained about individual line green highlight serial. It from being installed longer gun meant a small access hatch in the would! It simply did not join it or just cancelled production models, or “ Lion. ” early... Gun armament supplemented by equally powerful secondary armament was decided for the tank place! In your browser only with your consent initial drawings were completed on 4th June by. This bulkhead was provided for maintenance purposes armament and armored to the hull were dominated by the boring of holes... Start, what was becoming an increasingly cramped turret then welding over those joints it work on an 200! In German documents from November 1942 detailing Maus development kill this thing I am so!. Sind ein sehr exakter Beleg für ein funktionierendes Präparat drives at the Krupp factory in.. Stowage arrangements cm anti-concrete shell the primary armament, the estimated weight of the 12.8 cm gun located... This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the summer of 1943, as major... Tonnes was how it was also shown in October 1942 as an option until reached! Sind ein sehr exakter Beleg für ein funktionierendes Präparat @ 2,300 rpm figure is repeated in German documents from 1942! Us analyze and understand how you use this website or badder than a month after being as! A specific part of a tank that only existed on the 4th was... V-12 petrol engine known as the real turret a German Super heavy tank ‘ Mouse ’ ( Pz.Kpfw 8.0!