I honestly think it's cute to give little bites every now and then but not to the point where it's almost unbearable. I don’t know what to make of this. Dear How to Do It, I saw my girlfriend of six months being orally pleasured by her neutered male dog. It makes me so nervous when we try to introduce them. He likes to bite me a lot like on the neck, lips and shoulders and he often bites my nipples quite hard as well. This is a legitimate concern. My dog is a 8month old white gsd. How do I tell my boyfriend he is too rough? They are both rescued (The kitty was a feral) and they are both 3 months old. I am now 22 and he is 24. I have a kitty and a dog, who are very good friends with each other. She doesn’t know I saw her. The cat doesn't really like it, but its hard to control, and besides I think the cat plays back to a certain degree. My boyfriend is 18 and i'm 16, we have been together for almost two years. From the day I brought her home she has always chased the cat around the house and "pawed at her" playfully. But we do have oral sex. The neck grab just kind of startled me a bit. I got her when she was a tiny pup, and she has never showed any mean tendencies. We haven't had sex yet, im just too scared it will hurt etcc, and hes had sex two times with his previous relationships. He's great but when we are intimate he is rough with me esp my chest. The kitty never scratches her or anything, but clearly dislikes the rough play. I'm not sure if the young age of the golden pup is causing my dog to do this and dominate him. He obviously doesn't realize it but I guess he's too strong for me because once he grabbed my arm because we had to go and it got all red and a bruise formed a while later. I've been going out with my boyfriend for just over 6months and we have sex quite regularly and he has always been quite rough with me but lately it has just been getting on my nerves a lot. just tell him in a nice kind of way. Sam Basso PHOENIX , AZ AREA: (602) 708-4531 OR, if you are out of this area, inquire about a telephone or e-Lesson Email: [email protected] Why do boyfriends get jealous of their girlfriend’s dogs? My Boyfriend Is Too Rough Novel Online. "Please be careful, I have to meet my family in an hour." Our larger dog is a pit bull/american bulldog mix when we introduced him to the new 10 week old puppy (boston terrier) he starts nudging him really rough with his nose and making the puppy squeal. New dog listens to my partner but not me in the house and is too rough with older dog. He isn't trying to hurt me but he knows it hurts because I have told him. They played for about 30min straight and the puppy kept coming back for more. I live with my best friend who has a guide dog. He seems to like it and I don't want to make him guilty or upset but I don't like it as much as he does. He once even choked me lightly a d it did t hurt but it got me really scared. He doesn't go in slow anymore, he slams in and goes really fast. And I can't keep explaining all of my black bruises to my parents. My Boyfriend Is too rough Read to find out MangaToon got authorization from Debby bio to publish this manga, the content is the author's own point of view, and does not represent the stand of MangaToon. As hot as rough sex is, it can you leave you looking like you were just mugged by a wolverine. I have kitten & a dog, both less then a year old so they are very playful. Nothing’s too small (or big). Sometimes I think maybe too rough with each other because my puppy like to bite on the kittens head & now she's beginning to have scabs & bald spots on her head :( I'm worried. A Story: I had a student that invited a male friend over to her apartment to watch a movie. Why Does My Boyfriend Hate My Dog? My boyfriend is too rough? Is my dog playing too rough? He was my first but I wasn't his. My boyfriend will constantly bite me (arms, legs, back, stomach) and it leaves bruises... Bad bruises. I have a golden retriever/chow mix who is about 15 months. My boyfriend and I have been dating for 4 years and I've only given my virginity to him last year. Most guys want to know that they are turning girls on not hurting them so in most circumstances he has no... - Sexual Health Question Concerns Is my dog too rough with the new pup? help. We have not let the puppy down on the ground with the large dog in fear of him taking his big paw and hurting the little guy. I've never seen her give her dog too hard of a correction when she knows I'm around (for example if were walking somewhere together). The thing is, my puppy will play very roughly when I am there, if I go somewhere else she just cuddles with my kitty. But now, he is just so rough. Call Today! General Dog Chat He used to be so gentle and would go slow and always ask if I'm ok or if it hurt too much. TL;DR: Despite my best efforts, the new dog is not respecting/listening to me, is too rough with our other dog and I am ready to give up. Of course part of training your service dog is using the correction leash. Another time in bed (sorry if tmi) he suddenly covered my mouth with his hand and held my hands to the size and it hurt so much. Hi all, Long post alert.