Dries to a hard solid surface for filling. Woodworking expert Bruce Johnson restores an old dining room table for his son with these simple step-by-step instructions. Step 4: Next, use an applicator brush and apply a layer of the mixture onto the wood. Apply a second coat and leave on for an additional 15 – 20 minutes. Comments (2) brickeyee. State:NJ. Instead of sinking into the wood grain, polyurethane sits on the surface, forming a protective barrier against moisture. Apply several coats in succession to improve the strength of the wood. On page 109 of the first edition of your book, “Understanding Wood Finishing” (Rodale Press), you say, “Allow the solvent to soak in. MSDS Date:04/04/1986. Then I immediately went out to buy BONDO. Material Safety Data Sheet Index … Wipe off the excess. Eventually I might fill it with epoxy, but am not yet sure. ... then i tried some lacquer thinner (acetone is the main ingredient). 11 years ago. Do not wipe off any excess. Let us help spark something beautiful. It also left the material very plastic feeling. The Minwax wood hardener ate through the plasic vacuum vessle that I had used with linseed oil. MINWAX® High Performance Wood Filler (Part A) Health 2* 21600/41600 Flammability 3 (MSDS for Part B Hardener is also attached) Reactivity 2 MANUFACTURER'S NAME EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NO. Troop - recipe use a 20% weight to volume mixture of Acryloid B-72 to acetone, and if the wood is very soft, like buckeye burl, I'll throw in a little Minwax Wood Hardener. One way is by stabilizing wood with Cactus Juice. Wood Finishing Tips – Waxes, Oils, Stains, Dyes, Polyurethane, Shellac, Polish, Paint, & other Finishes Wood finishing tips. Minwax wood filler and wood putty are designed to fill small holes and spaces on the wood and ensure an even wooden surface. There is also a way to stabilize wood using acrylic. You're surrounded by a world of possibility. The same stuff as Bondo for car repairs. This product seeps into the pores of the wood and hardens after two to four hours, keeping the wood intact. it came right off. Consult a physician after significant exposure. Minwax® Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner prepares bare wood for staining. Wood hardeners like Minwax 41700000 High-Performance Wood Hardener, pint simplify work. They are permanent and bond well with the wood and are also easy to use; therefore you can do it by yourself. Allow Helmsman® Teak Oil to penetrate into wood for 5 – 10 minutes. It is non-hardening and bonds well to wood. It is applied to the wood so that it can accept any materials attached for repairing. 11 years ago. Get Inspired . Step 3: Stir the bowl well so that all of the ingredients are mixed. Wood Hardener. My hardner has gone bad; burst tube and dried out. The rest of its covered in Anchor Seal for slow drying. 341952 - 473 mL Select a Color (1) 473 mL : Product Overview Technical Info Product Overview About Varathane® Classic Wood Hardener Varathane® Classic Wood Hardener is a professional deep penetrating formula to stop, seal and strengthen wood. MINWAX Company (216) 566-2917 10 Mountainview Road INFORMATION TELEPHONE NO. But I can't find that at any retailer any more. Shake the wood hardener can well. If you want a permanent repair of the damaged or deteriorated wood, these are basically a waste of time. Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458 (800) 523-9299 Shop Minwax Wood Hardener 16-fl oz Clear Wood Filler in the Wood Filler department at Lowe's.com. Using Minwax wood hardener. Product Details. (Do not leave product on wood in excess of 30 minutes total.) Show this safety data sheet to the doctor in attendance. Wipe surface completely dry. 6. I highly reccomend going to Minwax's website and reading through it then following their reccomendations. someone said about using wood glue mix with 50 % water and dip the wood in for 3-7 days ,and if it show sign of crack dip it again . Furthermore, it ensures the repair done on the wood is effective. MSDS Number: BTQGZ === Responsible Party === Company Name:MINWAX CO INC. It penetrates the grain of the wood to promote uniform acceptance of oil-based stains. Purchase a product like Minwax wood hardener for small projects or refinishing projects. To understand more about Wood hardeners watch this review. It has a four color range; brown, clear, off- white and white. The punky section was left raw. Most people use Minwax Wood Hardener. There are miscellaneous non-epoxy “wood hardeners” on the market, such as Minwax’s “Wood Hardener” and, more recently, Bondo’s wood repair kit. This wood hardener’s ingredients are acetone and methanol. The surface should be shiny. Sometimes the only thing an old piece of wood furniture needs is a new finish. I try out ronseal wood hardener before I paint this piece of wood trim the wood was spongy so I needed too sort that out first! Normally, I'd soak the are in Minwax Wood Hardener. It can be used inside or outside and works perfectly with the hardener. Both of these are sold through mass-merchandising outlets and are intended to meet a very low price point. Product Details. EVERBUILD Wood Filler 2-Part High Performance (A) Revision Date 27.07.2017 Version 2.1 Print Date 27.07.2017 Country GB 100000008552 3 / 12 Consult a physician. bought some minwax wood hardener and decided to put some on my wood handles that are going on my kitchen knives. Address:102 CHESTNUT RIDGE PLAZA. Minwax also makes a High Performance Wood Filler that permanently repairs and fills damaged wood. Minwax® Express colour comes in a handy tube, dries in one hour, and delivers stunning colour and a beautiful finish in one effortless step. hurrah! The hardener is benzoyl peroxide. Continue to stir until the liquid becomes thicker. Don’t use the liquid when it becomes only as thick as glue. You have three options; water- based wood filler, epoxy or solvent- based wood filler. Pour it on a disposable bristle brush in a size that will reach all parts of the wood that needs to be stabilized. Saturate the area with the product. Question: I have some door moulding that has some damage from my dog – pretty deep scratches in the paint and exposed wood. But they where small blocks so I am not worried about this. Penetration seems to have been good but I did not cut the blocks in 2 yet. It is a solution that dries quickly and strengthens decaying or rotting wood. PolyShades® Colour Transformation Guide. FSC:8010. Minwax Wood Filler Hardner. (blocks sanded to 320 grit and buffed with pink scratchless). With all the fuss and the material and equiptment that needs to be assembled, I've come to the conclusion that it's more ecconomically feasable to sent the wood out to a processer. Cactus Juice wood stabilizer review states that this is highly recommended since it is vacuum pump friendly. So, I'm currently stuck about what to do with that section. Minwax polyurethane is a popular protective clear-coat finish for any type of interior wood. Treating the surface with Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner helps prevent streaks and blotches by evening out the absorption of oil-based stains. Part of the protection comes from stabilizing the moisture content in the wood. like practically wiped away. Polyurethane clear-coat is essentially a plastic that is applied as a liquid and dries as a solid plastic sheet. Aug 25, 2018 - Minwax 41700 Wood Hardener, High Performance ~ Pint 7. Water-based wood hardener dries clear and cleans up with water; PC-Petrifier's low viscosity allows deep penetration into soft rotted wood fiber; A liquid that can be applied with a brush, sprayer or injected into the pores of the wood; Easy to use - no mixing needed; Product Overview. This hardener reduces the load and also time is taken to repair. If you've got an old wood deck or maybe a wood column that is starting to show signs of age, one way to stop the decay is to use a wood hardener. Follow. Applying a finish can enhance the appearance of the wood and help to protect the wood. Can I get just the hardner or reconstitute the old somehow? … Take Hold of Inspiration. Hi Stanley! “The label on my can of Minwax Wood Conditioner instructs me to apply the stain ‘within two hours’ – well before the wood conditioner has cured. It also left the material very plastic feeling. Minwax Wipe-On Poly makes it easy to refinish a piece of furniture that’s beginning to show some wear. If inhaled : Move to fresh air. Wood finishing just got easier! Wood Putty is easy to use, quick and permanent. Wood Putty is color-matched to Minwax® Wood Finish™ stains to make your wood repairs easier. and whew -- didn't want to make those handles all over again! Check It Out. NIIN:00N046133. Email Save Comment 2. MINWAX CO INC -- HIGH PERFORMANCE WOOD HARDENER, 11-01700-040 -- 8010-00N046133 ===== Product Identification ===== Product ID:HIGH PERFORMANCE WOOD HARDENER, 11-01700-040. Wood filler is difficult on an outside corner, doesn’t really want to behave and lay like Bondo. However, the thicker liquid like paste won’t be sufficient. City:MONTVALE. Minwax® Wood Putty® is a non-hardening, pre-mixed putty that repairs small holes and covers other minor imperfections in painted, stained, and finished wood. ltsuth. Minwax isn't the best either but to their credit they do an exelent job of guiding casual wood finishers through the process of finishing wood. The thing is the hardener is very thin and some of the porosity of the wood is still there as you can see. MINWAX® High Performance Wood Hardener .....1700/MW MINWAX® Indoor/Outdoor HELMSMAN® Spar Urethane.....Helmsman/MW MINWAX® Indoor/Outdoor HELMSMAN® Spar Urethane (AEROSOL).....Helmsman-A/MW MINWAX® Paste Finishing Wax.....Wax/MW MINWAX PASTELS® Wood Stain .....Pastels/MW MINWAX® POLYCRYLIC® Protective Finish.....Polycrylic/MW . I entirely stopped using wood filler a few years ago. and the paint brush even loosened up too. How to find the best wood hardener for your project Our best product picks Tips and tricks for using wood hardener Most woodworkers and woodturners will apply some type of finish to their pieces. Minwax® High Performance Wood Hardener is a quick drying liquid formulated to strengthen and reinforce decayed or rotting wood.