Let’s face it, Seoul’s subway system is fast but can get quite complicated. It is a must have app when travelling Korea, Seoul, Busan, Taejeon, Kwangjoo, and Taegu. Download Korea Subway app for Android. English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese. This app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Tokyo Metro’s official free app for navigating routes in Tokyo subways offline. Mydol! Thank you so much, and have a good day :). These apps will let you select your starting point and destination, showing you the fastest route to get there, including which subway car to take for easy transfer access. [Features]Provides the latest subway map of Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Daejeon, and GwangjuMulti-language support: English, Korean, and JapaneseVector-based maps that provide a clear image quality at any zoom levelAll subway maps provide real-time transit info, timetable, transfer info, station/area guide, and so on.Route finder that allows you to find the easiest and quickest transfer route.Area guide helps to find nearby stations from your location.Set an alarm on your route and ready to go with no worries!Bookmark allows you to get frequently-used routes, stations and exits information quick and easy.Dashboard provides useful travel information at a glance.This service includes In-app Purchase items, and a separate fee will be charged for purchase.- Terms of Service : https://bit.ly/38oF8eA- Privacy Policy : https://bit.ly/31Ht5rE ContactTel. Subway stations in big cities in Korea can get quite crowded and you don’t want to waste time trying to figure out the route posters on the stations. With this free app, you can enjoy your travel in Korea. Naver Map is definitely one of the best apps for traveling in Korea. Our FREE service has already helped more than 5,000 students from all around the world! ‘Naver’ is a Google in Korea, and they provide an English map service called Naver Map. By far the easiest and most accurate way to choose a route on the subway. The Korea subway application that the travelers love the most! Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. If you have a smart phone, there are many apps – some free/some not - available to help you get around via public transit regardless of where you live in Korea. Subway Korea (Korea Subway route navigation) group gathers most Android expert users, who like to share experience on how to use Subway and give Subway useful app reviews. 3. By Carina Johansson - 13 May 2020 Comments. A Seoul Subway app that both locals and visitors love.. Mydol is only made for fans!♥. Download: Apple | Android An app, named “Seoul Busan Subway,” is available to help foreigners navigate the metro rail network in South Korea’s capital and second largest city. Great program. In Seoul the subway runs until 1 am at night during weekdays. The most frequently-used transfer route and time by users will be reflected on the transfer DB and the result will be shared with other users.Not only for first time visitors but also long time residents going to an unfamiliar part of the city, everyone can go anywhere with this app. If you have any questions or bug report, please email me [email protected] Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. Operating Hours. Browsing through your smartphone’s app store you’re sure to find a number of apps to guide you through the Korean subway maze, but KakaoMetro is easily the best tool for both your exploration and daily commute. What’s the best app for fans? 1303, M tower, 31, Ttukseom-ro 1-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea. If you are visiting or traveling to Seoul you will need the Subway App! Great app using this app ever since I got my iPhone!! Also, the suggested ticket price to a destination is very helpful especially if you are frugal. Subway Korea app provides various services from public subway lines of main cities (Seoul, Busan, Taejeon, Kwangjoo, Taegu subways) to subway station surrounding area map and subway navigation function for finding path to destination. Available in both English and Korean, this app provides information for all the major subway systems in Korea. Hanguk helps you find the best Korean language school, book accommodations in Korea, and complete the visa process. Go! It makes getting around so much more convenient and easy! In the majority of cities the subway operates from around 5:30 am to midnight. With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app. The core program is routinely updated as are the subway timetables. Requires iOS 10.0 or later. Best of all, it works offline, making navigating in transit a breeze. 2. It is useful and works fine on my Android phone and tablet. In this video, Nathalie shows you how to never get lost on the subway again! Easy to download … Korea subway has been redesigned and officially launched the comprehensive traffic inquiry and route search function in Korea. This app is excellent when you are traveling Seoul via the subway. That’s where Subway Korea comes into play. Most Seoulites use the subway and are familiar with its layout. Enjoy your trip! When should we get off? korea-subway-app. support@malang.kr / +827050386395Address. Subway users will experience with upgraded usability, real-time transit information, vector-based map that can be zoomed at any zoom level, dashboard that provides useful information at a glance, and bookmark for frequently-used routes/stations/exits.You can contribute to make our app more accurate by editing transfer route and time. 4.3K likes. To locate the nearest station, consult Google Maps, a Seoul subway app (Transit, Citymapper and Subway Korea are all good options) or ask someone to direct you. Navigating the Seoul Subway is easy with this interactive map and route planner. Use KakaoMetro for access to nationwide subway … We can all be grateful to malang for such a good navigation, subway, korea application. 韓國地铁APP為訪韓自由行爱好者提供最新、最全面的遊韓資訊,助您輕輕鬆鬆玩轉韓國! Korea Subway - 韓國地鐵. Subway. Each subway line has a designated color to aid passengers in using the subway with ease. You have a choice of either the Seoul, Daejeon, Daeju, Busan or Gwangju subways. Korean Subway and Bus Apps in English. The latest version 6.7.2 has 5.00 star rating from 1 votes. I would recommend this program to any foreigner and / or Korean that either resides here or just passing though. With a subway this big, you’ll need an app like Seoul Subway to simplify every journey you make so you never get lost. Virus Free A great one to start with is Jihachul. Download the app on your phone and receive exact subway routes on how to get from A to B. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies, Subway Korea (Korea Subway route navigation), By purchasing this item, you are transacting with Google Payments and agreeing to the Google Payments. Subway Korea is a handy map app that not only gives you the subway routes, but also lets you see to-the-minute train schedules, calculate the quickest routes to your destination, and even tell you which train car to get on for the quickest transfers. South Korea Trip Apps – KakaoMap 3. It is a must have app when travelling Korea, Seoul, Busan, Taejeon, Kwangjoo, and Taegu. - Provide latest timetable through the OTA update.