So if you get more blooms than you need for saving seeds, pick and eat the flowers while they're still tender (not dry). Sprinkle the seeds over your drying area, making sure to break up clumps. Marigolds are a mainstay in many gardens. The collected seeds will need to be scattered over it to dry over the next couple of days, so pick your drying area with that in mind. These are probably from flowers that were at their peak four weeks ago. These are your seeds. Write seed names … Water your marigold seeds after you sow them. Avoid moisture- wet seeds can rot, mold, or sprout. Erin Huffstetler is a writer with experience writing about easy ways to save money at home. Follow our easy guide to storing your saved seeds that will save you time and money and give you your best harvest yet. However, I soon realized one important thing. By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. The collected seeds will need to be scattered over it to dry over the next couple of days, so pick your drying area with that in mind. When fully grown, it protects potatoes , onions , and tomatoes from disease. Take each bloom, and pull the seeds away from the base. Your email address will not be published. Why not try collecting and storing marigold seeds this year? Throughout the season, but mostly in the fall, the marigold flower heads will shrivel up and dry out while still on the plant. Saving Marigold Seed. It’s needless to say that I collect my own pot marigold seeds ever since. Some time is needed for seeds … Learn tips for creating your most beautiful (and bountiful) garden ever. Step 2 Place them on a tray in a single layer and set them in the sun to dry. Aztec marigold (Tagetes erecta) seeds should be at least 10 to 12 inches apart, It takes seeds around 8 weeks to bloom. In addition to the petals drying out, notice how brown the once-green base has also become. Ask a Question. Hardy mums (Chrysanthemums spp.) This means you have to leave your wilting and dying marigold flowers on the plants for a while- if you start snapping them off as soon as they start to flag, the seeds won’t be ready yet. These annual flowers are very easy to grow and come in sizes ranging from 6 inches to over 2 feet tall. Easy to follow step by step instructions showing you how to save Marigold seeds from flowers for planting next season. That's not a bad thing, as long as you don't mind unpredictable variation in your garden. How to harvest marigold seeds Image. Calendula, AKA pot marigold is an easy annual & herb to grow. 2. How to Collect and Save Annual Flower Seeds. In order for the seeds to make it to next year, they need to be dried. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. After a flower has lived out its days and has started to wilt, it's time to harvest seeds! Choose the most luscious, robust, and healthy-looking flowers to save seed from. Place the seeds in a clean, labelled envelope. The seeds weren’t expensive at all. It's crucial to wait for the right time to collect marigold seeds. Set out a cloth, or a paper towel. Marigold seeds are some of the easiest annual flowers to start yourself. 8/14/2020 – The four different marigolds we planted from seeds have done well. Harvest your seeds when the marigolds begin to dry out, the petals are browning, the base (or seed pod) is beginning to slightly brown, and some green is still on the base. Start the seeds indoors about six weeks before the last spring frost date in your areas. Harvesting Marigold Seeds. The French marigold seeds are easy to grow and weather tolerant. If you have multiple marigold varieties, use separate envelopes for their seeds unless you're not concerned about mixing plants. If you don't remove too many stems at a time, you'll be able to harvest and continue growing throughout the season. Q: How do I save seeds from marigold plants? Learn everything you need to know about harvesting Plant your own marigolds by harvesting marigold seeds with help from Garden of Imagination. Africa Studio/Shutterstock. Your email address will not be published. When you do this, you’ll be able to see the seeds, still attached to the plant. Advertisement. Store the spent flowers in a dry place for a few days (or longer) so they dry out well.