Indented lines or streaks on your skin surface, Bright streaks that eventually start fading into a lighter color, Streaks that cover very large areas of your body, If you have a history of getting stretch marks, Getting pregnant, especially if you are a young woman, Undergoing a surgery to enlarge your breasts, Consistent use of corticosteroid medication, Having Marfan, Cushing’s syndrome and certain genetic disorders. There are also some laser treatments that my help the purple color. In order to get rid of purple stretch marks on inner thighs, the most important thing is to do daily exercise, and intake of vitamins. Stretch marks are scars in the layers of skin below the surface. Treating dark stretch marks also isn’t hard. © 2005-2020 Healthline Media a Red Ventures Company. They won't go away. Butt chafing is not only annoying but can also cause lots of discomfort. The appearance of stretch marks is a sign that the skin around the affected area has stretched to its maximum.This is why these marks appear mostly in women and men with rapid weight fluctuations.Pregnant women mostly experience purple stretch marks on stomach because of the obvious weight gain and stretching of the skin. Keep Yourself Hydrated. Always apply the cream after taking a bath. Stretch marks don’t typically go away, but their appearance may lessen over time. 1. Potato is considered a super food due to the many components it contains such as fatty acids and polyphenols. Alfalfa is said to be a great skin toner. They start as red and turn into white or silver stripes, and finally end up as purple scars. You will need to let it rest for fifteen minutes. Even though these will eventually start to fade, they can never go away without your intervention. Universal scar line variations include: It is recommended that you schedule a consultation with your GP if the appearance of the stretch marks bothers you, or if they cover a very large portion of your body. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the color of your stretch marks depends on the color of your skin. All rights reserved. To make the cream, you will rely on ingredients that are readily available—such as Shea butter, cocoa butter, and vitamin E oil. Stretch marks can be vertical or horizontal, d… Castor oil to get rid of stretch marks This acts as a powerful natural remedy for sunburn, dry skin, acne and stretch marks. Stretch marks can be treated using natural oils as they contain great emollients. The risk factors for the formation of stretch marks include females, pregnant women, both boys and girls in teens and people with certain genetic diseases. This will allow regular detoxification of skin. Take precautions not to consume too many saturated fats as they may lead to weight gain, which in turn leads to stretching of the skin, and leaves behind ugly purple stretch marks. As the Shea butter begins to melt, the skin easily absorbs it. Stretch marks can vary in color among people. 1. Without treatment, they’ll usually fade to white or silver over time. A skin surface that is hydrated not only helps in detoxifying your body, but it also helps in restoring the elasticity that had been lost. Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Your GP will be able to provide better advice after determining the cause of the purple stretch marks, as well as looking at how far they have spread. How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks Using A Moisturizer . When applying the cream to your skin, you will find that it will start melting as soon as it is exposed to it. Try and repeat the procedure at least twice a day for the first month. It can be applied to the skin to help improve the appearance of red stretch marks that are not more than a few months old. Get the following: Make sure you repeat all the steps three times each day. When it works, it helps in rebuilding the collagen fibers thus making the skin surface affected appear normal. While laser therapy and topical application of tretinoin are popular methods to get rid of them, some natural ways include the application of shea butter, almond oil, or egg white on the marks, and regular exfoliation of the area with a combination of lemon and sugar. Apricot masks have been used and continue to be used by many people when they want to get rid of the purple, ugly looking stretch marks present on their skin. Preventing or treating stretch marks by applying lotions, oils, or creams isn’t supported by current research. No one treatment has been clinically proven to be more successful than any of the others. Find out how to prevent, reduce and get rid of unwanted stretch marks. What you need to do is mix all these oils and apply it to the affected areas. If you have stretch marks that are darker in color (usually this color leans toward dark red, dark purple and every other tint of these 2 colors).. Any part of your body that stores fat is likely to get affected by the scars. Stretch marks are very common. Can Powdered Vitamin C Improve the Health of Your Facial Skin? Alfalfa happens to be rich in vitamins E and K and contains amino acids as well which are vital in eliminating stretch marks. For many individuals, especially those concerned about their appearance, stretch marks cannot only be unsightly but can also be very embarrassing. You cannot get rid of stretch marks completely, as topical lotions and creams will not penetrate the skin deeply enough to remove them. 3.) Check if you have stretch marks. Purple lines on arms, abdomen and legs caused by weight lifting will usually occur in the areas surrounding the upper arms and shoulders. It also helps to fight off infections like … Where are you most likely to get stretch marks? The vitamin E included in your homemade cream is an excellent antioxidant that penetrates through all the skin layers assisting in the healing process, while doing away with the scars. Your email address will not be published. Given that potatoes can stimulate elastin and collagen synthesis, it is effective in restoring skin cells and therefore helping the stretch marks fade away. Purple ones are also fairly fresh and a bit deep. Water is also helpful in treating the stretch marks. When the body lacks nutrients, it means that regardless of how many remedies or creams you use, they will not be able to penetrate the skin layer. Aloe Vera contains collagen in it, which is excellent for the repair of human skin. When starting out, the lines are purple in color and later fade to a slightly off-colored hue corresponding to your body’s skin tone, but which, will still be noticeable if inspected closely. If the above home remedies do not work for you, try the following medical treatments. For expectant women, or women with small babies, they need to consult their GPs to be advised of alternatives as the retinoid can affect a small baby. If your hair tends to be dry, you may want to try changing your hair care routine. Stretch marks look like lines or streaks across the skin. White or silver ones are deep and old, making them very hard to remove. Red scars during pregnancy are fresh. Dr. Michelle Chambers answered. Ideally, you will need to gently massage the area of your skin that contains these stretch marks for at least thirty minutes each day. It is a type of treatment involving a hand-held device that blows crystals onto your skin surface. They may be red, purple, or silver in appearance. What Causes Some Men to Have Dry, Brittle Hair and How to Treat It, rapid growth, such as an adolescent growth spurt, your family has a history of stretch marks, you have a condition such as Marfan syndrome or Cushing’s syndrome. Like all other scars that occur on the body, there are a number of methods that can be used to reduce stretch marks, such as the use of home remedies or topical treatments. The egg whites also happen to be rich in Vitamin A and collagen, thus helping in the treatment of burns and scars. Stretch marks, also known as striae, are a form of scarring on the skin with an off-color hue.Over time they may diminish, but will not disappear completely. Their appearance will vary depending on what has caused them to appear, as well as the length of time that you have had them. They appear when skin rapidly stretches from puberty, weightlifting, or weight fluctuations. As the research say, users ask Google “how to get rid of stretch marks” three times more often than “how to get rid of circles under the eyes” per 1 month! Eggs are some of the best protein sources as they contain at least forty different proteins. from Useful Prevention Tips to Frequently Asked Questions, This Article Is Your Complete Guide! Stretch…, Stretch marks happen when skin changes shape rapidly due to growth or weight gain. Given that the woman’s stomach is expanding at a very fast pace during the pregnancy period, it is very likely that she will start to develop stretch marks in the area surrounding her belly. They aren’t dangerous, and although they may first appear dark purple or red, they usually fade over time. This treatment may improve your stretch marks a little, but won’t completely get rid of them. Fish, beans, and egg whites are some of the things you need to include in your daily diet, Take foods that are rich in vitamins C & E, as they will encourage the growth of skin tissues. When Stretch Marks Are Most Likely To Occur. It is the main reason why stretch marks may not be used as a way of identifying obesity or weight related problems since they can afflict even people who are in top condition: it is just that the muscles located below the skin are growing faster than the skin can expand. Water can help with many skin related problems not only stretch marks. While these products are not harmful to the skin, it’s unlikely they’ll completely erase the appearance of stretch marks, the Mayo Clinic says. According to the Cleveland Clinic, the most common places for stretch marks to appear include the: Stretch marks don’t typically require medical treatment. Skin chafing …, Your email address will not be published. From stretch mark creams and oils to microdermabrasion and light therapy. If you have used all the stretch removal creams provided by beauty companies without getting any results, you should consider making your own cream at home. From this, you can now understand why it is beneficial to your skin. Stretch marks are a common form of scarring. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. 2. As a teenager growing up, it is very alarming to find stretch scars all over your body, more so when you have not gained any extra weight or have not lost weight within your lifetime. You can use these remedies to get rid of the purple scars fast. You can use these remedies to get rid of the purple scars fast. Stretch marks or striae, as known medically are defined as the line, streaks or marks that get formed on the skin in areas such as abdomen, thighs, chest, upper arms, and buttocks. Stretch marks on the skin are part of the physiological changes that happen while growing up. Take the apricots that have been cut open and crush them to create a paste, The apricot paste should then be applied to the area that is covered by the scars, Do not disturb it for at least twenty minutes, Take your warm water and proceed to wash the apricot paste off, Take your leaf and proceed to carefully de-thorn it, Take the sticky gel that is contained inside this leaf, Forget about the gel for the next two hours, After a couple of hours, wash it off using some warm water, Mix chamomile, lavender oils with the almond oil, Apply the oil mix to the area with the stretch marks each day, Take your selected potato and cut it into thick slices, Pick one slice and gently rub it in one of the ears with the scrars, Do this for all the areas taking time to make sure that the juice is properly applied in all the stretch marks, Take the lemon selected earlier and cut it into two, Take one piece of your lemon and rub it on the purple stretch marks, Ensure you feel the juices soaking into the skin before moving to the next spot, Melt the cocoa butter and the Shea butter, Take your vitamin E oil and add it to the melted butter, Ensure you combine all your ingredients well, When you are sure they are well combined, store them in an airtight container, Once the cream has cooled down, it will get into a solid state, Take out the whites by separating the whites from your yolk, Take it and apply on the area with the marks, Allow it to rest for at least fifteen minutes, Once this time frame has elapsed, wash the whites off using water. This is why creams don't work. There are many products, such as glycolic acid, vitamin E, and cocoa butter, that claim to treat stretch marks of all colors. They're harmless and often get less visible over time. how do you get rid of purple stretch marks on your inner thighs? If during the examination the doctor suspects that your body could be producing too much cortisol, they may recommend that you undergo additional tests to confirm this theory. At this point in time, there’s no treatment that will make your stretch marks completely disappear. Purple stretch marks first appear on the stomach, buttocks, hips, thighs and legs. Here’s how to use it to tone and reduce stretch marks and cellulite. There is a variety of the two treatments, which are used to stimulate collagen growth. Stretch marks, as the name suggests, occur because of stretching of skin at a particular part of your body. By following these 5 simple steps, it actually becomes really easy. Apricot, exfoliation techniques, aloe vera, some deep natural moisturizing oils etc. Ensure you do this at least three to four times daily. Therefore, you will need to make sure that you drink enough water each day—enough water translates to between eight and ten glasses each day. They can suggest some products or treatment options that may help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. If they're purple from gaining weight, the quickest way to fade them is loose weight to take stress of the skin. Your skin needs to be supple for the remedies to work. Topical retinoid: I would try a topical retinoid and topical vit C which might help some. Any person can develop stretch marks, but some factors could increase your chances of getting the them, which include: They are diagnosed by checking the skin and reviewing the medical history. This is detailed information on how to use skin needling or the natural dermaroller for stretch marks. Extreme stretching can cause purple or red scars due to changes in the connective tissues and collagen fibers within the skin. The crystals then help in removing the skin layer, thus allowing for the growth of a new coat. If you’re interested in products to improve the appearance of stretch marks, consult your dermatologist or doctor. Signs And Symptoms Of Stretchmarks In Teenagers The appearance of stretchmarks may vary depending on the cause, duration, location, and type of skin. Stretch marks that form during pregnancy, usually during the last trimester, and usually on the belly, but also commonly occurring on the breasts, thighs, hips, lower back and buttocks, are known as striae gravidarum. However, you can effectively reduce the appearance of stretch marks with in-office dermatologist treatments like … Depending on the state of your stretch marks, the doctor may be able to advise you on the best techniques. This results in collagen breakdown, which causes damage to the dermis layer. can all help fade away or remove purple stretch marks on thighs, legs, buttocks and stomach. Lukewarm water—should be enough to wash off the entire area. When they can reduce the stretch marks, cosmetologists often become happier than their patients. Both men and women can get them. A study in the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care states that “pregnancy is a period in which more than 90 percent women have significant and complex skin changes that may have great impact on the woman’s life.” Ultimately, when the skin is stretched for long periods of time, it can cause stretch marks.