All of these crimes he had frankly admitted, claimed the court later that day he was informed officially that: “The International Military Tribunal sentences you to death by hanging.” [79] On 30 August 1939, immediately prior to the outbreak of the Second World War, Hitler appointed Göring as the chairman of a new six-person Council of Ministers for Defense of the Reich which was set up to operate as a war cabinet. Goering, who was Hitler’s goddaughter, is believed to have spent much of her childhood at the family estate of Carinhall, northeast of Berlin. [85] During the 1940 Field Marshal Ceremony, Hitler promoted Göring to the rank of Reichsmarschall des Grossdeutschen Reiches (Reich Marshal of the Greater German Reich), a specially-created rank which made him senior to all field marshals in the military, including the Luftwaffe. In September 1939 Hitler designated him as his successor and deputy in all his offices. [6], Göring's godfather was Hermann Epenstein [de], a wealthy Jewish physician and businessman his father had met in Africa. Am 31. Brother of Karl Ernst Göring; Olga Therese Sophie Rigele; Paula Elisabeth Rosa Hueber; Albert Günther Göring and Ingrid? He was discovered and sentenced to three weeks' confinement to barracks, but the sentence was never carried out. The first thousand-bomber raid was staged on Cologne on 30 May 1942. [91] After their defeat in the Battle of Britain, the Luftwaffe attempted to defeat Britain via strategic bombing. Geni requires JavaScript! Tiara and pontifical vestments are a perfect fit. [119][121] Bormann made an announcement over the radio that Göring had resigned for health reasons. Blomberg was forced to resign. This biography provides detailed information about his childhood, life, career, activities & timeline. Epenstein provided the Goering family, who were surviving on Heinrich’s pension, first with a family home in Berlin-Friedenau, then in a small castle called Veldenstein, near Nuremberg. [116], OKW operations chief Alfred Jodl was present for Hitler's rant, and notified Göring's chief of staff, Karl Koller, at a meeting a few hours later. The award reduced him to tears.[163]. By 1940 he was at the peak of his power and influence; as minister in charge of the Four Year Plan, he was responsible for much of the functioning of the German economy in the build-up to World War II. Göring's Luftwaffe played critical roles in the Battles of the Netherlands, Belgium and France in May 1940. Hermann Göring is Geoffroy V, Count of Anjou, Maine and Mortain's 21st great grandson. He steadily scored air victories until May, when he was assigned to command Jagdstaffel 27. Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich plotted with Göring to use the Gestapo and SS to crush the SA. [90] Göring hoped that a victory in the air would be enough to force peace without an invasion. [77] In Britain and the United States, some viewed Göring as more acceptable than the other Nazis and as a possible mediator between the western democracies and Hitler. Witnesses, including Paul Koerner and Erhard Milch, tried to portray Göring as a peaceful moderate. Juli 1941 beauftragte er Reinhard Heydrich mit der Organisation der sogenannten Endlösung der Judenfrage. Albert Göring stepped up his anti-Nazi activism when he became export director for Skoda in Czechoslovakia. After World War II, Göring was convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity at the Nuremberg trials. In July 1940, Hitler began preparations for an invasion of Britain. Named in honour of his Swedish first wife, Carin Goering (1888–1931), the residence was constructed in stages from 1933 on a large... Read more » [101] The German Sixth Army entered the city, but because of its location on the front line, it was still possible for the Soviets to encircle and trap it there without reinforcements or supplies. 1923) and Hannelore “Lolo” Lau (b. Pope unfrocked. Activities of the German Communist Party were suppressed, and some 4,000 Party members were arrested. Huge expenditures were made on rearmament, in spite of growing deficits. At the Nuremberg Rally that September, Göring and other speakers denounced the Czechs as an inferior race that must be conquered. The Reichstag fire occurred on the night of 27 February 1933. He was hospitalized with rheumatism, a result of the damp of trench warfare. [88] Though he was confident the Luftwaffe could defeat the RAF within days, Göring, like Admiral Erich Raeder, commander-in-chief of the Kriegsmarine (navy),[89] was pessimistic about the chance of success of the planned invasion (codenamed Operation Sea Lion). Göring vistades i Sverige 1924-27, intagen på sinnessjukhus. [30] Fourteen Nazis and four policemen were killed; many top Nazis, including Hitler, were arrested. [170][171], Göring directed anti-partisan operations by Luftwaffe security battalions in the Białowieża Forest between 1942 and 1944 that resulted in the murder of thousands of Jews and Polish civilians. Göring was one of the first to arrive on the scene. Compensation for seized property would be low, if any was given at all. Hermann Wilhelm Göring (12 January 1893 – 15 October 1946) was a German politician, military leader, and leading member of the Nazi Party (NSDAP). Joseph Goebbels and his family died in Hitler’s bunker. With the help of the Luftwaffe, the Polish Air Force was defeated within a week. He was the leading war aggressor, both as political and as military leader; he was the director of the slave labour programme and the creator of the oppressive programme against the Jews and other races, at home and abroad. By the time it was supposed to be imposed, Göring's association with Loerzer had been made official. Everyone present, including Göring, found the contents of the films shocking; he said that the films must have been faked. In other cases, he collected bribes for allowing others to steal Jewish property. His father Heinrich Ernst Göring (31 October, 1839– 7 December, 1913) had been the first Governor-General of the German protectorate of South West Africa (modern day Namibia) as well as being a former cavalry officer and member of the German consular service. [95] But, by July, the Germans had only 1,000 planes remaining in operation, and their troop losses were over 213,000 men. [125], Göring was flown to Camp Ashcan, a temporary prisoner-of-war camp housed in the Palace Hotel at Mondorf-les-Bains, Luxembourg. Epenstein acquired the minor title of Ritter (knight) von Epenstein through service and donations to the Crown. Generalfeldmarschall Erhard Milch told Speer that similar donations were required out of the Air Ministry's general fund. Initially the Luftwaffe was at an advantage, destroying thousands of Soviet aircraft in the first month of fighting. The next year his mother had a falling-out with Epenstein. Hermann Wilhelm Göring (12 January 1893 – 15 October 1946) was a German politician, military leader, and leading member of the Nazi Party (NSDAP). Hermann Goering’s godfather was Dr. Hermann Epenstein , a wealthy Jewish physician and businessman his father had met in Africa. [76] Big German victories followed one after the other in quick succession. Jan 12 1893 - Rosenheim, Oberbayern, Beieren, Oct 15 1946 - Neurenberg, Mittelfranken, Beieren, Hendrik Ernst Göring, Francesca Tiefenbrunn, Heinrich Ernst Göring, Franziska Tiefenbrunn, Carin Axelina Hulda Von-Kantzow Fock, Emma Johanna Henny "Emmy" Sonnemann, Cause of death: Suicide, Poison - Oct 15 1946 - Nuremberg, Heinrich Ernst Göring, Franziska "Fanny" Tiefenbrunn, Albert Göring, Karl Göring, Olga Therese Sophia Göring, Paula Göring, Jan 12 1893 - Rosenheim, Oberbayern, Bavaria, Germany, Oct 15 1946 - Nürnberg, Mittelfranken, Bayern, Tyskland, Dr. jur. From that point onwards, the Luftwaffe began to suffer casualties in aircrews it could not sufficiently replace. I gave him a dishevelled rabble. Göring joined the Nazi Party in 1922 after hearing a speech by Hitler. He tried barnstorming and briefly worked at Fokker. Hitler and his wife, Eva Braun, committed suicide on 30 April 1945, a few hours after a hastily arranged wedding. By 1941, Göring was at the peak of his power and influence. [140], One theory as to how Göring obtained the poison holds that US Army Lieutenant Jack G. Wheelis, who was stationed at the Nuremberg Trials, retrieved the capsules from their hiding place among Göring's personal effects that had been confiscated by the Army and handed them over to the prisoner,[141] after being bribed by Göring, who gave him his gold watch, pen, and cigarette case. By 5:30 the next morning, German troops that had been massing on the border marched into Austria, meeting no resistance. By 1934, her body had been transported to the site and placed in a vault on the estate. [83] The Fallschirmjäger seized vital airfields in Norway and captured Fort Eben-Emael in Belgium. The evidence shows that after Hitler he was the most prominent man in the Nazi Regime. [61] Hitler admitted in the Reichstag on 13 July that the killings had been entirely illegal, but claimed a plot had been under way to overthrow the Reich. By targeting oil refineries and rail communications, Allied bombers crippled the German war effort by late 1944. The force was called the Geheime Staatspolizei (Secret State Police), or Gestapo. [111], As the Soviets approached Berlin, Hitler's efforts to organise the defence of the city became ever more meaningless and futile. [45] He would retain this position until 23 April 1945. After conferring with Koller and Hans Lammers (the state secretary of the Reich Chancellery), Göring concluded that by remaining in Berlin to face certain death, Hitler had incapacitated himself from governing. He bypassed the economics ministry in his policy-making decisions, to the chagrin of Hjalmar Schacht, the minister in charge. In contrast to his brother, Albert was opposed to Nazism, and he helped Jews and others who were persecuted in Nazi Germany. A week after the start of the Soviet invasion, Hitler had issued a decree naming Göring his successor in the event of his death, thus codifying the declaration he had made soon after the beginning of the war. A veteran of World War I as an ace fighter pilot, he was a recipient of the coveted Pour le Mérite, also known as the "Blue Max". I made him the head of my SA. [144][145][146], Göring's name is closely associated with the Nazi plunder of Jewish property. Göring duly resigned. On September 30th-October 1st 1946, Hermann Goering was found guilty of the indictment on all four counts. While receiving treatment for his injuries, he developed an addiction to morphine which persisted until the last year of his life. He met the Austrian Chancellor Kurt Schuschnigg on 12 February 1938, threatening invasion if peaceful unification was not forthcoming. By this time, Göring's hunting lodge Carinhall had been evacuated, the building destroyed,[113] and its art treasures moved to Berchtesgaden and elsewhere. "[51] In his own Nuremberg testimony, Göring denied this story. [59], Hitler was deeply concerned that Ernst Röhm, the chief of the SA, was planning a coup. [132], On several occasions over the course of the trial, the prosecution showed films of the concentration camps and other atrocities. [155] The estimated value of his collection, which numbered some 1,500 pieces, was $200 million. [102][103] The remnants of the Sixth Army—some 91,000 men out of an army of 285,000—surrendered in early February 1943; only 5,000 of these captives survived the Russian prisoner of war camps to see Germany again.