Granite Countertops—the Pros and Cons. Since granite countertops can last a lifetime, contain no harmful chemicals and do not emit harmful radiation or gasses, they have a place in the green building movement. One of the reasons for granite’s affordable price is its abundant supply. Looks Like Marble . Because of how hard it is, quartzite slabs require special cutting tools during installation. Quartz vs. granite countertops is a heated debate among interior designers, but is one really better than the other? Pros and Cons of Quartz Countertops Quartz Vs. Pros and Cons: Granite vs Quartz. Granite and quartz both offer beautiful design, consistency and durability, but there are pros and cons of both granite and quartz. You don’t need to worry about the surface wearing down or developing problems any time soon! There is more quartz in quartzite, in fact, it consists of 90 to 99 percent quartz grains. In addition to traditional stone-like designs, solid-colored countertops like the one in the picture below are becoming extremely popular, especially in modern homes. The limited colors can be a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to design flexibility. In this blog we discuss the Pros and Cons of these two most controversial countertop materials. Cleaning quartzite is simple. Pros . This is the component that they derive their strength from. Let’s look at its pros and cons. Quartz carries a 10+ year warranty (25 years in the case of silestone) yet there is none with granite. Quartzite is generally harder and denser and the pattern is more like marble which is appealing to many homeowners. Quartzite Countertops vs. Aside from the fact that they are very heavy, natural stone countertops are not recommended to be DIY’ed . As with any material, the visual differences between granite and quartz are a matter of taste. Granite, on the other hand,is made up of interlocking mineral crystals , the most common being quartz and feldspar. What Are the Pros and Cons of Each Option? Some people prefer the natural and unique look of granite countertops. Granite, on the other hand, is. Compared to granite and marble, quartzite is less porous. Both quartz and granite are natural stones, however they vary in terms of their material composition. Today’s top two upscale countertop options, granite and quartz, are competitively priced with one another. Quartz vs. Quartzite Countertops PLUS Quartzite Pros & Cons Feature Image: Cambria Quartz Brittanicca – Sebring Design Build Those who love natural stone are often hard-pressed to choose between two of the most popular materials available: quartz vs. quartzite. Lastly, granite is chemical resistant and will not get stained from acidic substances. The Caesarstone vs quartzite debate has been going on for a while now – and for good reason. Quartzite is a natural stone, similar to marble. Granite Countertops July 07, 2014. Granite comes in a wider range of colors — from shades of brown, red. The choice between quartz vs. granite countertops depends entirely on your lifestyle, your willingness to maintain the natural choice, and your budget. One that creates tension, frustration, and a little bit of confusion if we’re being honest. Here's how 10 materials did in the tough countertop tests. Granite and quartzite have very similar performance statistics. Granite and quartzite have very similar performance statistics. If granite has made it to the top of your list, read through the article below to determine if its advantages and disadvantages make it a good choice for your family. Granite vs. Quartz Countertops: Pros & Cons There is one design decision that sparks heated debates between couples when it comes to renovating the kitchen. Quartzite is generally harder and denser and the pattern is more like marble which is appealing to many homeowners. Depending on the variety, your quartzite countertop may need sealing more often. Granite: For all its elegance and beauty, Granite slabs still has flaws that people either love or hate. 1107 Rt 23 South, Wayne, NJ 07470 • Monday-Friday: 9am-6pm Sat: 10am-6pm • 973-302-2075 This article provides an honest white quartz countertops pros and cons breakdown. Updated 01/02/2018. Before we talk the pros and cons of quartzite countertops to granite countertops, it is important to emphasize that this discussion is about two of Nature’s own designs, the natural stones quartzite and granite – not quartz and granite. Granite and quartzite, being natural stones, are a bit harder to manipulate into different shapes, unlike engineered stones such as quartz, which can be molded practically into any form during production. When choosing a countertop surface for your kitchen, there are a lot of factors to consider. Both quartz and granite countertops have a natural allure that adds a modern, updated look to any space. Yay! If you’re unsure whether it’s the right choice for you, take a read of the pros and cons listed below. Granite vs Quartzite vs Marble. Heat Resistance. Some colors of granite, specifically those that are a bit unusual, may get outdated and will not stay in style forever. Pros and Cons of Quartz Countertops. Hot pans and other objects should not be placed directly on the surface. Your countertops … The strength of a granite slab does not depend on its finish – regardless of whether you opt for polished granite or honed granite, you will still have durable and valuable stone countertops, backsplashes, stairs, flooring, etc. However, there are some potential weaknesse, cons, countertop, granite, kitchen, low maintenance, options, porous, prices, pros, sealing, staining