Or is that saying my actual bone mass is 5.9 lbs, and there’s 3.4 lbs of water in those bones? I split things in various posts both ways. Do the scales connect with MyFitnessPal directly please ? And then finally, it’ll ask you for the WiFi information. I would have thought I was a bit lower than 16% as I’m pretty skinny, thus the Garmin gave readings that seemed to me to be more likely to be correct. You can click here to Subscribe without commenting. Want to compare the features of each product, down to the nitty-gritty? As long as this data is still shown on the Garmin Connect website (not in the app), I have no reason to upgrade. Do you have any insight into the algorithms they use to do the calculations here Ray? Alternatively, for everything else on the planet, simply buy your goods from Amazon via the link below and I get a tiny bit back. That said, the Garmin Index S2 was certainly the most believable and consistent. – Added ability to customize which data (widgets) are shown on scale We currently own the Omron BF511 scale, but I would like to upgrade to a more modern scale with a mobile connection to keep track of developments. My wife prefers imperial and I prefer metric. You will be able to get data out of Garmin Connect and into 3rd party apps but some of them might be tricky. 1. However, some creative 3rd party apps have basically made a bridge where you can do that via a Fitbit account, but, that 3rd party app (SmartScaleSync.com) costs $15/year. TrainingPeaks is the central platform where all my health and sports data lands (or at least that’s what I want it to be). an issue where with my Activity Class in Garmin Connect set to 8 or 9, it would use a different algorithm for body fat% on the flawed assumption I was a world class athlete and tell me my BF% was about 5%. would be interesting if the bug with 7% Body Fat is really solved with the new sensors, on the old one, when you reach arround 21 BMI or so, your body fat is always 7% or so In the weight section you’ll see every individual weigh-in, as well as trending and even the variance of multiple weigh-ins on a single day (the little grey blobs indicated on certain days with multiple weigh-ins). I’d like it to turn on a bit quicker and take the readings a bit quicker but compared to the competition it’s still good in those respects. Index WiFi scale released nearly 5 years ago, Strava Turns Off Flyby Feature For All Users, Have to Opt Back In, click here to Subscribe without commenting. First up is putting in the batteries and placing it on the floor…I’m sure you know how to do that. you could use an ant+ dongle on a Pc You would have thought that preference would come from your Garmin Connect account but, nope, they are manually set with the button underneath the scales. What are you using to sync the data? This is with an old Tanita, and another brand I picked up at Meijer while we were at my family’s cabin. My favourite application is link to trendweight.com for the smoothed graph and trend-line. You’ll notice above it shows +0.2 above my name, this means I gained +0.2lbs since the last weigh-in. In fact, every time you step on the scale it’ll check for software updates, and if there is an update, it’ll install it the following night between 1AM and 4AM. Yes, scales are indeed very accurate for measuring weight, no one is denying this. The structure of a person impacts it greatly. Besides the expected high BF measurement, happy with my purchase and tracking additional metrics in Garmin Connect. My main issue with Withings is that it cannot tell users apart if their weights are similar. Best For Arterial Health. I did a work-a-round by adding a dns entry in my router for the garmin ntp that will point it … But within that ecosystem it’s pretty good. Finally, the estimate is also bad and too high for almost everyone who posts here. (like 100g or 50g variation). Hi Pavel, yes that was the point I was making, indirectly, too much guesswork involved! The saving of multiple data points per day certainly isn’t new in the Garmin Index scale world, it’s been doing that for quite a while with the older scale, but it wouldn’t show the change in weight. Need to know………Do I need to know this info? And the price is 1/3. With all this done (which really only takes a minute or two), you’re good to go. Oh, and free US shipping too! The original Garmin Index? There’s been too many late night Stroopwafels for me lately for that to impact my testing. I find your reviews always great for understanding all the bits of a every device and for learning about the accuracy of GPS and Power sensors. If your phone is using regular Google WiFi and the scale joins the guest network, then it won’t be able to connect to the phone (because the guest network doesn’t allow access to local resources). “Pleasantly OK” probably best sums it up. Oh, speaking of which…Garmin Developer Conference starts in 14 mins…maybe some news there will drop. Your natural weight can easily vary by 3kg per day if you eat, drink and weigh at the ‘wrong’ time. Yes, sort of. An addition to 1. Got a question about the Garmin Index S2 Smart Scale White? C) The new umbrella API access is slated to be fully lit up by end of this year. A) This is for read-only access to GC data (or, utilization of the transfer API’s like workout/courses) It should have more than enough storage room to accommodate a workout/race/trip. After all, the fact that one scale has me 2.5% higher than the other side by side is a great example of that. It’s weird that there’s a developer cannot get a simple API to upload for files yet the same can be done by any user via web interface. There is little point in buying the Garmin if you are not a Garmin Connect user. Ideally this would be more cohesively presented to a user upon any link-up, but it’s not today. I say messy, because they’d basically have to setup a backend webservice to receive and store that data and then create their own trends. At this juncture you can step off the scale, it’s done its thing, and will flash the initials/name of who it thinks you are, based on your weight and the historical weight data it has. Ultimately, if you’ve got a Garmin device and want weight automatically updated on your account/devices, there are not many clean options. The older scale I currently use has never provided a higher weight reading seven days in a row without my clothing fitting a little bit tighter. Thats the only thing I don’t like about the Index. If you want reasonable results you have to spend much more money (for example for InBody 120). I have been comparing two different scales and I found a similar 2% body fat increase on the new scale, UNTIL one day I got on fresh out of the shower with wet feet. I could understand that having it on your wrist somehow messes with impedance related metrics, but shouldn’t with weight. You will see, that your BF rises immediately! As it iterates through each of these data points it’ll show an icon above to it indicating what it is, such as muscle mass below. Btw.. Don’t worry, we’ll cover all the bits as part of this review here. Wish me luck. The most common question I receive outside of the “what’s the best GPS watch for me” variant, are photography-esq based. And while Zwift does support weight scale integration, they haven’t lit up the Garmin side of that equation.