We have a confession. It was as if they lacked the ability to throw the sound out into the room. May I ask the size of the room, and is the S40 on the short or long wall. By the way, I am going to a Harbeth dealer this weekend, and I hope to hear the 30.2, compact 7, super HLS5…pretty excited. Part of this is down to powerful, well-extended bass that balances weight and agility superb. I found I was being too selective and listening to music where they shine so I’ve since moved on. ryder. Oct 09, 2020: 2 : FOR SALE: Dynaudio Special 40's , Grey Birch: Bookshelf Speakers: USD $2000.00: NJ : Oct 07, 2020: 3 : FOR SALE: Dynaudio Audience 7 Speakers - Super clean! But things start to look brighter once we delve into the details. I do toy with trying other speakers occasionally. I’m switching my system to a bigger room in the coming months so I may be tempted going active with ATC 40A (or stick with my SL2s). I like how you can hear everything clearly in the mix, with Hook’s bass driving the rhythm. The Special Forty's 6.7" woofer is based on Dynaudio's 17W75 MSP unit, but features an improved spider for better motional symmetry. Dynaudio didn’t just plonk in the units from the C1 - the drivers have been fettled, with markedly improved results. Please refresh the page and try again. Special Forty. They image well too, the orchestra organised with precision and stability. Smaller than Super HL5 Plus and have a very nicely balanced neutral/natural sound. Partnered with good electronics they really shine. Tweeter covers were never removed. These speakers don’t provide a particularly difficult electrical load – nominal impedance is claimed to be 6ohms – so most price-compatible amplifiers will be happy driving them. I owned ATC 19s v2 for over 15 months and really enjoyed them. NY 10036. Moving to Bruce Springsteen’s Radio Nowhere shows the Fortys can cope with dense production while delivering a sound with drive and plenty of energy. Hi-Fi Corner. piano, so I may not be the best person to ask! @ryder The room is about 25 feet long and 14 feet wide, with the Special 40s against the shorter wall, 60cm out and about 6 feet apart. Black Vine is a striking contrast of dark veneer shot through with vivid orange, while Ebony Wave is a captivatingly sinuous take on the classic hardwood. But once we start listening none of that matters. You ask about “final speakers”. The engineers worked on improving airflow and damping behind the 28mm tweeter dome - the idea is to reduce back-pressure as the diaphragm moves, increasing detail and lowering distortion. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer, We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices, How to buy speakers and set them up for the best sound, Best speaker deals - hi-fi, Bluetooth, wireless, Best stereo amplifiers 2020: best integrated amps, budget to premium, Best stereo amplifiers 2020: best integrated amps for every budget, Best PS5 deals: save on consoles, accessories and bundles, New Dolby Atmos-capable Cinema soundbars on the way from Klipsch, Best TV deals UK 2020: OLED, QLED and LCD TVs at the lowest prices. I’ve owned the Atc scm 11 mk2 for over 3 years I hate boomy flabby bass so can’t understand the above post they are also very smooth in the treble. I owned special 40’s, and they are a great all around speaker that do every genre quite well. That drive unit array may look straight out of the £600 Emit 20 (or even the Contour 1.1 from over a decade ago), but it’s actually based on the drivers used in company’s high-end Confidence C1 model that retails for ten times this price. The Special 40’s will remain one of my fave bookshelf speakers ever but the Heresy IV has now become a speaker that I enjoy just as much, if not more than my Dynaudio. Thank you for signing up to What Hi-Fi?. MORE: What Hi-Fi? Have you thought about Russell K red 100 They didn’t have much energy - too" analytical", not “passionate” enough for me. ‘Heritage Special’ isn’t just a name. They’re also magnificently detailed, digging out the low-level acoustic clues that define a recording venue with ease. The treble is said to be more extended and slightly brighter than the Harbeth P3ESR but it is smooth and not bright. Home audition is a must. Wow, 40 years. 17cm Woofer Dynaudio's best 17cm woofer yet. Will ship original box and packaging with everything included. They have very smooth treble, with fantastic mid and tight bass. The Special Forty's voltage sensitivity is specified as 86dB(B)/2.83V/m; my estimate was a little lower, at 84.4dB/2.83V/m. MORE: Best speaker deals - hi-fi, Bluetooth, wireless. You know your system is amazing when you can not stop listening and stop thinking about what you can improve upon . Wow. And each of the 2500 limited-edition pairs is unique. The New Dynaudio Special Forty. Never tried S40 due to rear port. They are great in my room 4.7 x 3.7 on the long wall. We love the way these speakers reveal the texture and attitude in Jill Scott’s voice on Gettin’ In The Way. The Special Fortys are easy speakers to underestimate. Dynaudio has made any number of two-way standmounters, of this size and with drive units that look pretty much identical to the ones used here. Nor to my ears are they lean and bright, particularly the latest version with the new in-house tweeter. The speakers have been well cared of in a smoking-free and animal-free home. Pricing Contour 20i: $5,250 per pair Contour 30i: $8,250 per pair Contour 60i: $10,750 per pair Contour 25Ci: $3,750 each Special Forty Dynaudio Special Forty (Ebony Wave) Hi-Fi Corner. There’s a good sense of depth, which extends the presentation well beyond the confines of our listening room. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. We like the tonality too. However, they do lack lower bass extension and are very unforgiving of poor/average recordings. Only other speakers I’d consider are the ProAc D2R… I like speakers that make music! They require careful placement, but the bass on the S40s is amazing for their size and, at £2,500 a pair I think they are incredible value. The cone and its central dome are formed in one piece from Dynaudio's proprietary magnesium-silicate-polymer (MSP) material, claimed to offer "a precise combination of stiffness, stability, rigidity and damping." I do agree with you with the grain on some of the PMCs I tried… I just couldn’t live with it… and often brought a sharp unnatural sibilance to choral music, and compressed close miced vocals. It’s a salute to traditional high-performance Danish audio design. Indeed, Woodman has talked about the problems (particularly rapid dynamic swings) challenging loudspeaker designers and inherent in reproducing piano sound. In this casa, we love piano concertos…. Hence a local sale is much preferred NJ, 08648 Lots of great reviews on these speakers, here's one for you :-) The engineers worked on improving airflow and damping behind the 28mm tweeter dome - the idea is to reduce back-pressure as the diaphragm moves, increasing detail and lowering distortion. Having been an ATC customer for over twenty years of various standmounts… I can say the sound of any overhang or flabbiness is almost certainly down to poor stand matching or positioning, as would be the same with any undue leanness. Speakers on short wall. Many movies and albums are mastered on Dynaudio studio monitors and to my ears they sound tonally neutral. Our first impression of Dynaudio’s 40th anniversary speaker is more one of mild disappointment than anything else. The motor system has also been tweaked. © They’re not an overtly cutting-edge design using the latest in high-tech materials, nor are they styled to stand out in a crowd. Dynaudio Special Forty Anniversary Speakers The NEW Special Forty anniversary speaker draws on 40 years of cutting-edge research – and brings it totally up to date with Dynaudio’s most celebrated techniques and technologies. Only other speakers I’d consider are the ProAc D2R… I like speakers that make music! March 3, 2020, ... 2020, 5:07pm ... 2020, 5:20pm #5. The last words I would use to describe their speakers are “flabby and boring” but I guess that just shows how different we all are in our tastes in SQ. The new Special 40’s follow in their tradition of releasing “special” speakers when they hit certain anniversaries. We’re far too busy having fun. I can only say that my 40As are far and away the finest speakers I have ever had and I cannot see myself replacing them, at least for now! New York, But they won’t sugar coat a poor recording or hide a less-than-top quality source. You might find you’re unable to return them. The motor system has also been tweaked. More likely the latter, as it'll be set up in … I’ve got the Atc scm11’s and absolutely love them. I consider 30.1 to have the best mid range of any speaker I’ve heard, and that includes the mighty SCM40 (surprisingly close but 30.1 just edged it). Our Special Forty review samples aren't brand new, so it doesn't take long for them to come on song. I came from PMC which I still really enjoy but for me the ATC’s are better. They sound great with piano – I listen to a lot of jazz. You will receive a verification email shortly. That 17cm mid/bass unit still uses the company’s traditional MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) cone – it’s a one-piece cone using the large dome in the middle to aid rig… Evoke. There’s a natural fluidity to this speaker’s midrange dynamics, and we admire their ability to tie a multitude of instrumental strands together in a convincing and musical way. I’m looking for a high quality mid-sized bookshelf for a smallish room 3.2m x 7m. Buying speakers by reading reviews is like buying wine by the label… fwiw I have special 40’s and I didn’t listen to anything in comparison! But much else has changed, from the suspension to voice coil former and magnet system. Was only used for display purposes. Dynaudio considers high performance monitors to be an area of particular strength and says the Special Forty is offered as homage to classic Dynaudio monitors from the past, such as the Special One, the Special Twenty-Five, the Crafft, and the Contour 1.3SE. MORE: How to buy speakers and set them up for the best sound. The Special Forty can fit in with any decor, with a sound that's similarly low-key, but that's why they'll wear well over time. That 17cm mid/bass unit still uses the company’s traditional MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) cone – it’s a one-piece cone using the large dome in the middle to aid rigidity. Fast and clean sounding with a not overpowering bass, The last words I would use to describe their speakers are “flabby and boring”. Put aside the gorgeous finishes – the options are Birch in either grey or red gloss – and there seems little to differentiate the Fortys from a stack of products the company has made in the past. Dynaudio Heritage Special Loudspeakers - PAIR $ 7,000.00 Dynaudio Hub Wireless Transmitter for XEO and XD Speakers $ 299.00 Dynaudio Music 1 Wireless Music System $ 499.00 $ 349.00 It’s not that there is a lot wrong with the Special Forty - it's just the design seem a little too familiar. We keep coming back to three words in our notes: confident, muscular and subtle. Nevertheless I’m really looking to gain more airiness in the treble and a slightly brighter tone with piano, but not an overly lean or bright sound. This is thrilling music. May 2017.Introduced by Dynaudio to celebrate forty years in the loudspeaker business, the Special Forty caught my eye at the Danish company’s Munich High-End exhibit.Not the grey birch but the red.. That spark of initial physical attraction – a red veneer married to a … The domestic models are all infinite baffle, and so a tight bass, but the cost of a tight bass is lesser bass extension for size of cabinet and/or reduced sensitivity compared to reflex designs. I thought they were all sold out now? The time is NOW and something Special arrived.. ... Born in 1986… raised in 2020. The ATCs had lots of qualities, transparency, detail, neutrality, balance, but they made Led Zeppelin and Joy Division’s “Unknown Pleasures” (among other things) sound boring. I'm currently upgrading my setup that I've had a few years now: Arcam A19, Marantz NA7004 streamer and Kef R100 speakers. I spoke to a friend who has experience with the Duke 2 and he mentioned that the Dukes are very revealing but not bright. An airy extended treble and good tone especially with pianos (since I listen to a lot of piano these days) are some of the traits I’m looking for, apart from having the ability to play everything with aplomb. Time sure does fly. The top end is surprisingly similar to 30.1. I found SCM19 to be superb speakers but in comparison to 30.1 they did sound a little lean. There was a problem. Search the Bluebook database on Audiogon, the High-end Audio Community These are the 2020 model. However it’s limited in the bass department, lacks a bit refinement compared to Harbeth and sounds slightly lit(not exactly a neutral sound although fun). I had Heybrook HB1s for 35 years and for me the S40s reminded me of those speakers, but much, much better, especially with vinyl on the fruit box and SACD on the Oppo. How do the Fortys sound? I did move on though, if that means anything, but I like trying out new speakers quite often, until I find the one.It might be of interest to you that a guy on the AVS Dynaudio forum just posted that he is currently in Munich at a dealer, and he told him Dyn is upgrading the special 40’s and the entire Contour line soon. Dynaudio’s award-winning anniversary speaker, Special Forty, has been given a makeover with two stunning new finishes. Just not very exciting to my ears. ... And we’ve poured every one of our 40 years of hi-fi experience into creating it. Dynaudio Special 40 for sale. Dynaudio didn’t just plonk in the units from the C1 - the drivers have been fettled, with markedly improved results. Here we are in 2018 (as I write this) and last year in 2017 Dynaudio released the new Special 40 Speakers to celebrate 40 years in the business. Available in two special finishes not to remove the originality of the limited-in-number Special Forty mk1 which were … Dynaudio Special 40 Bookshelf Speakers Cutting-edge acoustic technology in a classic Dynaudio design. You need to consider placement given the relatively short 3.2m distance. The reception of the original Special Forty has been so great that Dynaudio has opted to re-release it. I tried both the ATC SCM 11 and 19s and the Special 40s on the end of my LP12/Oppo 205/Nac72/Hi-Cap/NAP250 system and I found the ATCs good but a bit boring and a tad flabby. The S40s, on the other hand, were love at first hear - fast, fun and detailed with huge boogie factor. No small feat. "Tonally, the Special Forty is smooth and easy, but as I continued to listen it was the speakers' clarity and resolution that made the biggest impressions. You take care of the music. It's based on what you'll find in the Confidence and Evidence ranges and uses a sophisticated hybrid magnet system for lower distortion and higher power. ATC SCM19 vs Dynaudio Special 40. This resolution is apparent whatever genre of music we play. ryder. They sound far bigger and more authoritative than a speaker that stands 36cm high has any right to. Skanderborg, Denmark | November, 2020 - Dynaudio has launched its new, limited-edition Heritage Special passive stand-mount loudspeakers – handmade from top to bottom, inside and out, at its headquarters in Denmark.Started as an ‘off-the-radar’ project and developed under top-secret conditions at Dynaudio Labs, it’s now ready to be unveiled. I’m listening to piano pieces on my ATC SCM19s as I type. March 6, 2020, 11:57pm #81. This DSR precision-coated 28mm soft-dome tweeter is unique to the Special Forty. There are more neutral alternatives – ATC’s mighty SCM19s come to mind – but the Special Fortys are even, cohesive and nicely balanced. I am going to a Harbeth dealer this weekend. The rest of it is down to a combination of composure and dynamic reach that allows these boxes to cope brilliantly with the demanding crescendos of this piece. At the end of 2018 I had six weeks’ worth of home auditions with various speakers (Neat, PMC, Dyns and ATC). They’re surefooted when it comes to timing and rhythms too, rendering the changing momentum of a piece well while keeping our toes tapping. Same views as above not flabby and boring but totally show the music as is. I’m thinking if I should just get the SCM19 and call it a day. I could not see any signs of wear. Original owner, mint 10/10 all boxes and packing but not for the stands. ATC’s founder and design guru Billy Woodman is a jazz pianist and ATC have always put faithful reproduction of piano as one of their main design goals. I did try the S40s but, for the sort of music I listen to, I prefer the ATC. I think a home audition would be essential as I suspect they will sound very different from your Hebrooks and I would make that trial long enough for your ears to become accustomed to their sound. Visit our corporate site. Thanks for the response. I could listen at the dealers but am seeking some thoughts from folks who have owned or currently own the ATC or Dynaudio. Put aside the gorgeous finishes – the options are Birch in either grey or red gloss – and there seems little to differentiate the Fortys from a stack of products the company has made in the past. I’ve read that the S40 may show bass issues in smaller rooms as it pumps out a lot of bass energy. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, If Dynaudio did not handle every aspect of design and production in-house, the speakers would cost significantly more. is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. The newer rounded cabinet ATCs are smoother in the high end and upper mids due to the in-house tweeter design that replaced I believe a SEAS tweeter. Authentic premium Danish Hi-Fi, handmade with love in Skanderborg. I also tried the Russell k 100’s that were mentioned by Japtimscarlet and these came a very close second to the ATC’s. FWIW I tried the Dali Mentor Menuet in the main system and it sounded rather good. Candidates for speakers are probably either Spendor A4 or Dynaudio Special 40s. ATC SCM19 vs Dynaudio Special 40. If you like piano then you’ll love 30.1. However as said above speakers are very personal things… I love them, and FWIW those friends of mine in the professional music recording business seem to appreciate them as well because of their natural low colouration performance, including comments on the low colouration/accurate bass and lower mid (using a 552/250) … but you do need quality amplification for them not sound dull or uninspired (due to their low colouration) … and a long audition… you might just start to re discover your recordings again. May 01, 2020: 8 : WANTED: Seeking Dynaudio Focus 110: Bookshelf Speakers: $800.00: ON Apr 30, 2020 - 9 : FOR SALE: Dynaudio special 40's reduced: Bookshelf Speakers: $3000.00: MB Apr 30, 2020: 10 : DEALER AD: Dynaudio Music1 High End Intelligent portable wireless music speaker system with WiFi and Bluetooth: Speakers: $450.00: QC Apr 29, 2020 You may have difficulty getting your hands on S40’s though as they’ve been discontinued. They lacked energy and sizzle, sounding flabby and tired, like a shagged-out athlete. No such problems with the Dyns, which I fell in love with straight away. Have you considered Harbeth 30.1? We use both our reference Gamut D3i/D200i pre/power and a Roksan Blak amplifier for this test, without issue. Sidebar 3: Measurements. We start with Holst’s Mars and the Special Fortys respond with glee. Does piano sound great on the S40, in comparison to Scm19. Campfire Audio Dorado 2020, Vega 2020 review (and podcast) November 24, 2020 Old’s kool: Dynaudio’s limited edition Heritage Special November 23, 2020 HELM’s Bolt is a $99 portable DAC for Spotify, MQA November 20, 2020 I’m leaning toward the ATC in satin white but am afraid that they might sound to lean and bright since I’m so used to the sound of the Harbeth (going into the 12th year of ownership now). The new Dynaudio Heritage Special. I am the second owner. No listening time on these. They sounded great without any issue. I now own buchardt s400 speakers which are fantastic bookshelves speakers well worth consideration.