We're a couple of lifelong New Englanders traversing the globe on weekends and vacation days. Pursuit's Safety Promise is our commitment to the safety and well-being of our guests and staff. This may seem freezing, but again, this completely depends on what part of the month you visit. The other way I sometimes mention that people can visit Denali is by winning a permit in the Denali Lottery. We never stop searching for the places we're passionate about, connections we value and moments that bring us joy. Rain may fall as snow in this month. If you're in Alaska this September and you're hungry, you're going to get to taste the freshest salmon available. All park bus services along the Park Road run through the second Thursday after Labor Day. Get the monthly weather forecast for Denali National Park, AK, including daily high/low, historical averages, to help you plan ahead. If you are lucky enough to get a clear day, the best view of the mountain is from Stony Hill Overlook. In many ways, the end of summer is the best time to visit central Alaska and Denali National Park. Having gained an insight into the current wildlife sightings along the Park road in Denali, we decided to spend the day exploring. Still beautiful though. There are normally 5 hours of bright sunshine each day in Denali National Park in September - that's 36% of daylight hours. Generic astronomy calculator to calculate times for sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset for many cities, with daylight saving time and time zones taken in account. Keep a lookout for moose or caribou. Beginning in mid-August, yellow birch and aspen trees dot the forests around the Denali Cabins and the Denali Backcountry Lodge. So far the plan is to rent a car from Anchorage and stay somewhere outside of Denali. If I go on lottery day can I still go out to mile 30 weather permitting? This is an annual lottery that allows a set number of private vehicles to enter the park on each of four days in September. The average temperature in September is 40 degrees Fahrenheit. There are usually 15 days with some rain in Denali National Park in September and the average monthly rainfall is 45mm. You'll probably see wildlife, but of course the weather will be turning colder at night. Temperatures probably won’t be too unpleasant during the day (although weather is certainly unpredictable), all park services will be available, and crowds won’t be as bad as they might be in mid-summer. Wildlife on the move: The number of wildlife sightings heighten as they transition towards hibernation. I am needing help. Answer 11 of 12: We are considering a trip to Alaska the week of Labor Day. From fresh salmon to clear skies, late summer is the best. Denali in September can be kind or cold, but if you persevere, you will be rewarded. One of the prime spots is on the deck at the Talkeetna Alaskan Lodge. I want to celebrate my 64th (Sept 17) in Alaska. The memories we create for our guests aren’t typical —every experience is unique, personal and unforgettable. There are four Road Lottery days, all of which are in mid-September immediately after the bus service ends. Edited: 8 years ago All campgrounds in the park are open throughout the summer and require a fee to reserve a site. 9 Amazing Reasons to Visit Denali in September. Pixabay Photo. You'll probably see wildlife, but of course the weather will be turning colder at night. Spring : From early or mid-April until May 19. It's Calmer and Quieter: Alaskans know how special the calmness of September is! Changes in weather often occur without warning. It won't be dark by the time the shuttle leaves wonder lake. By mid-August, the seemingly-endless days start to give way to glorious evenings that are celebrated for their crispness and their clearness. As the days start to shorten, everybody seems to settle down a bit and the state feels more relaxed. Answer 1 of 6: I'm trying to plan a trip to Denali after our cruise. We geared up … Reap this year's salmon rewards: From June through August, salmon are harvested in the millions all over Alaska, part of the annual cycle of nature that ties the entire state together in a love for fish. Only have a day? Climbing Weather at Denali National Park . The sunset time on laber day weekend is 9pm. Answer 1 of 8: I'm thinking about going for a 3 to 4 day trip on laber day weekend or later September and hopefully to see northern lights. September is a transitional time in Denali National Park, so it’s important to do your homework before planning a trip this time of year. Denali in September:  Part I As we hit the park, the weather finally broke a bit on the way to Savage River, where personal cars hit the limit. Late September on the other hand is not an ideal time to visit the park unless you are a particularly bold traveler. If you are going to be climbing, you should study the mountain weather observations posted on the National Park Service website.They have daily observations for throughout the April to July climbing season at the 7,200-foot camp and the observations made by those who reached the 14,200-foot camp. Check out Denali Backcountry Adventure. Fall: From mid-September until snow accumulates (typically between late September and late October). I understand the lottery runs up through the 17 (I did not win). Snow on peaks and vivid colors make for outstanding photos and shorter days lead to great chances for seeing the Northern Lights. As soon as Labor Day comes, Denali becomes quieter. Mosquitoes are less abundant: Enjoy your vacation without bug spray—late summer in Alaska means hardly any mosquitos! Does it rain in Denali National Park in September? We hope whoever stumbles upon this blog can get some ideas for future vacations, weekend getaways, hikes or day trips. In Kantishna in late summer, all around the Denali Backcountry Lodge, the blueberries are famously gigantic! By the end of the month, days have shortened to 11.5 hours with the sun setting just before 7:30. Early September can be very grand in Denali, with the tundra turning all sorts of wonderful colors. If your name is drawn in the lottery, you get a chance to drive your own vehicle as far into the park as weather permits for a full day, which you would otherwise not be allowed to do at any time of year. Bus and train service to Denali from Anchorage/Fairbanks ends in mid-September so you’ll definitely have to rent a car if you plan on visiting later in the month. Considering all of this, it’s no wonder people have such a hard time planning their once-in-a-lifetime trip to Denali. You can see more photos of my painting trips to Denali in this post. This makes catching the elusive Northern Lights extra challenging.