More than one data collecting technique was used in theses and in more than half of them interview and document collecting were used. Likert data. control variables, and internal and external validity. The prompt fission neutron energy was obtained using the time-of-flight method. also information on the development of hypotheses, variable and unit of analysis, We applied a methodology within the interpretive paradigm that integrates three research pillars comprising integrative framework for SaP, constructivist grounded theory coding and case research methodology. by many researchers. With ever increasing demands on the health and social care system, politicians have championed the integration between the two sectors as a major element to cope with this challenge. Introduction to Political Science and Policy Research. (Forthcoming, 2007). Food items in short supply are; potato (Solanum tuberosum), pumpkin (Cucurbita spp. "Citizen Perception of the Journal of Data Analysis and Information Processing (JDAIP) is an openly accessible journal published quarterly. In this article we will define the concept of Big Data, its importance and different perspectives on its use. RESEARCH DESIGN IN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: CRITICAL CONSIDERATIONS, PROBLEMATIC ASPECTS OF THE RESEARCH, DESIGN AND MEASUREMENT PROCESS IN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION RESEARCH: CONCEPTUAL CONSIDERATIONS, Handbook of Research Design and Social Measurement, Indigenisation, Politics of Exclusion, and Problematics of Autochthony in Zimbabwe’s Redistribution Agenda, Analysis of Quantitative Data: Modeling and Simulation, Total prompt fission neutron spectrum from thermal-neutron-induced fission of 235U, Data processing support for experimental studies of the upper atmosphere, Teaching a first course in epidemiologic principles and methods. Politicisation of indigenisation, economic empowerment, and autochthony has thrust clientelism, cronyism, loyalty, and political correctness as major criteria for accessing benefits of ownership and control of key strategic resources such as land and minerals, as well as shareholding in economic empowerment deals. Cole, R.L. Over time, the understanding and application of the concept have raised serious questions on aspects of autochthony, nativity, belonging, and citizenship. Examples of coding and editing decisions A typical criterion for HIV seropositivity is a repeatedly -positive ELISA (enzyme linked immunosorbent assay) for HIV antibody confirmed with a Western blot to identify the Intelligent Data Analysis. Two cases, operating under the auspices of Ireland’s Institutes of Technology (IIT), were chosen to explore how the alignment of business and information systems (IS) strategies is practiced by IS managers in the public higher education sector. The journal advances and promotes statistical science in various applied fields that deal with lifetime data, including actuarial science, economics, engineering, environmental sciences, management, medicine, operations research, public health, and social and behavioral sciences. Singleton, R.A. and Straits, B.C. The authors developed it to analyze qualitative Making sense of data in the form of graphics, video, audio, and text requires clear thinking that is aided by theory, models, constructs, and perhaps metaphor. foundation and a preliminary understanding of the results of a data collection effort. Data Summaries Are Not Descriptive Analysis 10 Box 8. Sampling and sampling design. Find out more. Lifetime Data Analysis is the only journal dedicated to statistical methods and applications for lifetime data. We continue our study of data analysis, particularly, the analysis of quantitative data through the use of statistical methods. All content in this area was uploaded by Christelle Jeanette Auriacombe on Jun 15, 2018. Journal of Public Administration, data. All rights reserved. Our study makes a theoretical, practical and methodological contribution to the strategic alignment body of knowledge. Performance Analysis of Intrusion Detection Systems Using a Feature Selection Method on the UNSW-NB15 Dataset. This report describes the data processing support provided to reduce a variety of rocket-, satellite-, falling sphere-, and balloon-borne sensor data for analysis by Air Force scientists engaged in atmospheric research projects. The international journal Advances in Data Analysis and Classification (ADAC) is designed as a forum for high standard publications on research and applications concerning the extraction of knowable aspects from many types of data. Moreover, service redesign efforts cost multiple millions of pounds, therefore, what could be done to improve these processes is critical and pertinent at this time of great challenge for our care services. years 2013, 2014 and 2015. Find another journal best suited to publish your research. The framework of governmentality was used as a heuristic tool to explore the modalities of the Taiwan government and their effects on ESD policymaking. They cover the essential principles and the main methods for conducting epidemiologic research. This article presents a taxonomy that is grounded in the findings of a Strategy-as-Practice (SaP) study undertaken within the public higher education sector. Data were analyzed using Amos24 and SPSS analytical packages. Interested in research on Qualitative Data Analysis? Lutabingwa, J., Vokopola, Z. and Bejtja, I. This approach accepts the use of theory-driven coding system while still allowing data-driven themes to emerge inductively from the meaning-making of participants (Fereday and Muir-Cochrane 2006; ... Qualitative data was analyzed thematically. Drawing on the study results, recommendation on ESD governance is proposed. Data include official documents and two semi-structured interviews with 30 policy implementers. Journal of Data Analysis and Information Processing Vol.8 No.2, May 25, 2020 DOI: 10.4236/jdaip.2020.82005 Downloads Views This article belongs to the Special Issue on . There are items already on the market and others are not supplied though demanded. Oxford: Oxford University In Darla Twale (Ed. The objectives of IJDATS are to promote discussions, deliberations and debates on different data analysis principles, architectures, techniques, methodologies, models, as well as the appropriate strategies and applications for various decision-making environments. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. Qualitative data analysis is the classification and interpretation of linguistic (or visual) material to make statements about implicit and explicit dimensions and structures of meaning-making in the material and what is represented in it. Pulse shape analysis was additionally used for the separation of neutron and γ-quanta events. The article then discusses searching for relationships, an important aspect as, whilst the methods that have been discussed in this article are useful in summarising and providing descriptive information about the variables, policy-and public analysts are more interested in the relationships between the variables. Firstly, the question ….What is data processing and data entry in quantitative research is discussed. This chapter will delve more deeply into the various tools for quantitative data analysis contained in Excel, providing us with a strong, The prompt fission neutron spectra from the thermal-neutron-induced fission of 235U and the spontaneous fission of 252Cf have been measured under identical experimental conditions at the PNPI research reactor (Gatchina). Data was collected using questionnaires and key informant interviews and analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences and Micro Soft Excel to get descriptive statistics. Advancements in computer software have lead to increased use of computers to assist researchers with qualitative data analysis. ... All data were analysed using a "hybrid process of inductive and deductive thematic analysis" (Fereday and Muir-Cochrane 2006, p. 80). The connection has been made between Mobile Money and financial inclusion, thus we now need to make the connect between Mobile Money improvement in the lives of people specifically (in the context of this paper) persons running small and medium-sized enterprises. As a result of the data analysis, the ratio of the total prompt fission neutron spectrum of 235U(n, f) to the total prompt fission neutron spectrum of 252Cf(sf) was obtained. Press. The goal of this journal is to provide a platform for scientists and academicians all over the world to promote, share, and discuss various new issues and developments in different areas of data analysis and information processing. A few of the reasons why it is essential for your business to come up with specific data analysis reports are as follows: A data analysis report can help you come up with insights about the trends in the marketplace where your business belongs. Finally, the role of computers in quantitative data analysis is briefly explained. Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your work. This indeed made literature an existing issue in the language teaching paradigm. This is followed by It was also used to understand the underlying motivation and strategies used by policy implementers when implementing this nationwide ESD policy (Taiwan’s Environmental Education Act). Journal of Data Analysis and Information Processing Vol.8 No.2, April 15, 2020 6/27/2004, 7/22/2004, 7/17/2014 . This chapter presents a sequence of core topics to broach the teaching of epidemiologic principles and methods. Multi-wire proportional counters were used to select the fission-fragment direction. students of qualitative research methods. and De Wet Schutte. Huberman. This dissertation aims to provide a strong contribution to the public debate which centres on health and social care integration in England. The main objective of the goal-directed research in this dissertation is to uncover to what extent social psychological processes play a role in this seeming ‘disconnect’ between what people ‘say’ and what they actually ‘do’. The findings in this cast a certain doubt over the use of traditional behavioural analysis techniques such as surveys and interviews. ", Implementing a national policy initiative to support education for sustainable development: lessons from Taiwan’s Environmental Education Act, Food staffs available on Market Stalls and Restaurants in Rural-Urban Centers; a Case of Kagadi Town, Uganda, Impact of Mobile Money on SMEs in Ghana Since 2018 Final, QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS OF THE EFFECTS OF FINANCIAL FRAUD MANAGEMENT AND MITIGATION STRATEGIES ON THE SUSTAINABILITY OF MEDIUM SIZE ENTERPRISE IN THE CENTRE REGION OF CAMEROON, Self-assessment: A learner-centred approach towards transforming traditional practices and building self-directed learners, Subservient to the upper echelon: how information systems managers practice strategic alignment in the public higher education sector, Benefits and Challenges of Teaching a Dramatic Text through Role-Play, FOSTERING MOTIVATIONAL AWARENESS THROUGH THE ECLECTIC APPROACH IN A LITERATURE CLASS: THE CASE OF ALGERIAN EFL LEARNERS SOCIAL SCIENCE AND HUMANITIES, Promoting Motivational Awareness through the Eclectic Approach in Literacy Classes: The Case of Fourth year ENS Students of English, Teaching and Learning Qualitative Research with and without Qualitative Data Analysis Software. For getting a clear understanding of the impact of dramatic text teaching through acting, we tempt to prove the extent to which the suggested activity can be effective for students through the different methodologies used in class using a case study method with a questionnaire designed for teachers of drama collecting their views about the possibility of achieving efficient results. Articles based on primary data analysis may have an important influence on further research. Blended Learning as The New Innovation in Physical Education Class, The Factor of Availability Facilities at Home and Compulsive Internet Use among Primary School Students. 2004. The quantitative analysis involved looking for patterns within the data and displaying these patterns in the form of graphs and charts. Topological data analysis (TDA) is a collection of powerful tools that can quantify shape and structure in data in order to answer questions from the data’s domain. This article explores the process of teaching and learning qualitative research with and without the use of software, based on the experiences of students and instructors in a graduate-level research course. Citizen Perception of the Decentralization Process in Albania: The Case of the City of Elbasan. Data analysis is defined as a process of cleaning, transforming, and modeling data to discover useful information for business decision-making. Using the survey procedure and interview The suppliers of these foods are located in the neighboring districts; Kabarole, Kyenjojo, Hoima, Kibale, Kampala and Mubende districts, Uganda. Evidence on the ground suggests that the concept has been deliberately twisted, highly politicised, and manipulated as an instrument of exclusionary politics played at racial, political, class, and nationality levels, with the effect of calculatively side-lining potential beneficiaries, as well as facilitating the expropriation and dispossession of critical resources and assets from perceived “foreigners” in the country. construction of the experimental set-up and the data processing procedure. measurement process in Public Administration research. Advantages and Disadvantages of Secondary Data Analysis The choice of primary or secondary data need not be an either/or ques-tion. Join ResearchGate to discover and stay up-to-date with the latest research from leading experts in, Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. Keywords: Qualitative research, qualitative data analysis, qualitative data, validity, reliability, "AN INSIGHT INTO THE DIGITAL MARKETING TOOLS USED BY RISING ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC PRODUCERS. a. forms the data under the graph in a journal publication following analysis of research ready datasets b. rarely available to anyone outside the collaboration except upon request/collaboration c. may well generate future additional samples and papers for the owning collaboration on top of the original d. The article also examines causation and multivariate analysis and several manifestations of causes are presented and multivariate analysis conceptualised, as most of social science analysis falls within this general rubric. a social research and to provide the foundational information that is necessary A combination of Content Analysis and Narrative analysis were used to examine the responses from, ... Primary data (Ajayi, 2007) was collected for this study. What is Data Analysis? New York: St. Martin's Using the survey procedure and interview data collection technique. This policy ethnography focuses on a nationwide environmental and sustainability education policy that was developed and enacted in response to United Nations’ call for mainstreaming Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). (Global Financial Development Report, 2014 as cited in Bala, 2018). ResearchGate has not been able to resolve any references for this publication. Towards a culturally responsive pedagogy in re... NÄ°TEL ARAŞTIRMA YÖNTEMÄ°NE SAHÄ°P TEZLERÄ°N BAZI DEĞİŞKENLER AÇISINDAN Ä°NCELENMESÄ°. The main aim of this study is to provide its readers an insight into the digital marketing tools used by amateur electronic dance music producers; who can otherwise be called ‘bedroom producers’. KTC has high potential for food market. ), Jour... Flores-Farfan, J., Garner, M., & Kawulich, B. SECONDARY DATA ANALYSIS 33 data, and (6) interprets the results. Common Uses of Descriptive Accounts in Education Research and Practice 7 Box 6. Several studies have been embarked on in several parts of the world on the impact of Mobile Money. Characteristics Classification of Mobile Apps on Apple Store Using Clustering Boxi Fu. (2009). starting point and basis to the rest of this issue, this article provides background This study seeks to explore the prospection of the use of role-play activity in teaching drama to EFL learners and view its impact on developing the learners' communicative skills and competence. The analyses of Likert-type and Likert scale data require unique data analysis procedures, and as a result, misuses and/or mistakes often occur. Several authors reporting analyses of qualitative data in journal articles describe a strategy that can be labeled as a “general inductive approach.” This strategy is evident in much qualita-tive data analysis (Bryman & Burgess, 1994; … Journal of Public Administration, 41(3.1). The purpose of Data Analysis is to extract useful information from data and taking the decision based upon the data analysis. During the measurements, the identicalness of the experimental geometry and the subsequent analysis of the data obtained for these two investigated nuclei was guaranteed by the. While validity information is given in 59% of the theses, reliability information is given in 51% of the theses. concepts, methods, design and process of a social research. Jarbandhan, D.B. It is a messy, ambiguous, time-consuming, creative, and fascinating process. Two basic approaches are identified namely, quantitative and qualitative research designs as well as the use of a number of these quantitative and qualitative techniques. The topics are causation and causal inference; epidemiologic measures; types of epidemiologic study; principles of good study design; principles of epidemiologic data analysis; stratified. For example, Amount of Insurance Sold is a quantitative variable that can … 267–280 Data envelopment analysis Yong-bae Ji Korea National Defense University Seoul, Republic of Korea [email protected] Choonjoo Lee Korea National Defense University Seoul, Republic of Korea [email protected] Abstract. Creating a data analysis report can help your business experience a number of advantages and benefits. Chapter 1: Basic Concepts in Research and Data Analysis 7 Values A value refers to either a subject’s relative standing on a quantitative variable, or a subject’s classification within a classification variable. Indeed, verbal opposition to this policy is scarce, yet integration efforts do not tend to be readily observable and wide-spread. Objectives. Since the study follows a mixed model, the quantitative analysis of the study will analyse the popular tools using questionnaire and the qualitative study of finding the motivation behind selecting these tools will be evaluated through a series of interviews. than after data collection has ceased (Stake 1995). Voprosy atomnoj nauki i techniki = Pytannja atomnoï nauky i techniky = Problems of atomic science and technology. The interested reader is referred to references such as James and Sorenson (2000) and Heaton (2004). Keywords: secondary data analysis, school librarians, technology integration 1. The measurements were performed simultaneously for 11 values of the angle between the neutron emission direction and the direction of motion of the light fission fragment. Data Analysis Techniques in Qualitative Research. Latest issues. In terms of qualitative data analysis, Denscombe (2010) mentioned few principles by for qualitative data analysis… In combination, they have allowed the direct, responsive, and individualized behavior-control procedures that characterize the functional analysis of behavior as no other strategy could have done (Baer, 1977; Michael, 1974; In Chap. 2, we explored types and uses of data, and we also performed data analysis on quantitative data with graphical techniques. Introduction to Political Science and Policy Research. Steps in a Descriptive Analysis—An Iterative Process 8 Box 7. Burger, A. and Silima, T. 2006. Explore journal content Latest issue All issues. Included in this article is The analysis of the quantitative data was done with the help of MS Excel and the qualitative data was analysed by converting the interviews into transcript using MAXQDA and through manual thinking. The Stata Journal (2010) 10, Number 2, pp. various qualitative researchers, such as LeCompte and Schensul, Wolcott, and Miles and ... View PDF A survey and analysis of intrusion detection models based on CSE-CIC-IDS2018 Big Data ... Journal of Big Data 2020 7:100 Content type: Research. This article discusses the differences between Likert-type and Likert scale data and provides recommendations for descriptive statistics to be used during the analysis. The explanation of how one carries out the data analysis process is an area that is sadly neglected International Review of All data were analysed using hybrid inductive and deductive thematic analyses. B. Meaning-making can refer to subjective or social This study established the food types consumed, suppliers, and challenges faced in their trade in Kagadi Town Council (KTC), Uganda. Qualitative data analysis is an iterative and reflexive process that begins as data are being collected rather . October 2006. The study tempted to distribute a questionnaire for three teachers of literature to further elicit their views about certain issues, in addition to a questionnaire for a sample of 24 students at ENS of Laghouat to gather their views about the use of this approach. The appropriateness of these strategies for different kinds of mixed-method intents is then discussed. The integration of the experimental design and data collection stages with the data analysis and interpretation stages is the hallmark of primary data analysis. There is need to support local farmers and traders to overcome the challenges around the food value chain. This paper presents a variety of data analysis techniques described by The most applied technique used in the theses to support validity and reliability is to get expert opinion from the field, after than the most used techniques are respectively triangulation, detailing, and record keeping. In this paper the authors presents a simple framework for qualitative data analysis comprising three iterative questions. Kawulich, B. Graphic data presentation, visual data analysis, and single-subject designs have each achieved a unique prominence in the experimental and applied analysis of behavior. This study will find out the popular digital marketing tools used by these producers and will also find out what motivates them to use these tools. Analysis, Discourse Analysis and Grounded Theory. In addition Next to her field notes or interview transcripts, the qualita - tive analyst jots down ideas about the meaning of the text and how it might relate Using the survey procedure and interview data collection technique. The history of Mobile Money definitely lends itself to the realization of this initial goal. ... Download PDF. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis (CSDA), an Official Publication of the network Computational and Methodological Statistics (CMStatistics) and of the International Association for Statistical Computing (IASC), is an international journal dedicated to the dissemination of methodological research and applications in the areas of computational statistics and data analysis. The major findings of the study exposed that moststudents highly received motivational awareness through the suggested classroom methodology. PDF | T his article considers the analysis of data in quantitative research. Using this ratio, the total prompt fission neutron spectrum of 235U(n, f) was calculated using the total prompt fission neutron spectrum of 252Cf(sf) that is recommended as an international standard for neutron-spectrum measurements.