Viewing unit of . Electrical short blowing out front windshield fan and nearly catching fire. We were going to drive all the way to Alabama to Tiffin to try to resolve the issues since our dealer couldnt but Tiffin said its first come first server and that we would be waiting at least 10 days once we got there to even have them look at it. Odd they r considered a front runner for TIFFIN. Whats people lookup in this blog: Tiffin Rv Wayfarer Floor Plans If you are very very patient the RV may eventually come around. We love our Tiffin. Smart TVs are not so smart, one out of 4 can't connect to internet, one can connect to Hopper, motion satelite lasts 5 min or less, internet boost does absolute NOTHING. Thank you Tiffin for the fire extingquisher. With a queen Murphy bed/sofa you can easily make it fit your needs all while on the road. Aqua hot Since then we are on our 4th or 5th windshield and they continue to crack no matter what you do. Check it out. Inside each Wayfarer you will enjoy high-end finishes throughout, including hardwood cabinetry and premium-grade linoleum. Take your camping experience to the next level with the Wayfarer Class C which offers plenty of conveniences like a Center kitchen with, Front living area and Center bathroom. Don't hesitate to get one. The serice is slow at best dealer support is nearly none existent. the only maintenance that has not been performed on this coach is to service the 6 speed allison tranny and that is scheduled for Janurary, '21. We couldn't be more distressed. There were several places with scratches in the interior doors and trim that had been puttied over. I would recommend Tiffin to all of my friends. Large mid cabin bathroom Directly across above is a 32" LED TV. You as next users, will be supprised how smoothly, quiet and 13 miles/gallon OUR RV will PROVIDE YOU. Plenty of power, very happy we went diesel. We pre-ordered a Tiffin Phaeton 40IH Motorhome this year before Corona hit, with delivery in early July. It's pretty, the layout is great. Tiffin has been exceptional regarding their service by the factory and by their dealer network. Adding a rear sway bar is, in most cases, the quickest and most common way to combat sway that is experienced from passing trucks and wind gusts-it's usually the first upgrade that owners go with on the coach. We have found our Tiffin FW to be an outstanding motorhome! Apparently learning to track flipping views on a screen is possibly a skill to include in rv driving training. The floor plan was perfect for our travels. We purchased a used motorhome it did not come with a warranty. We sold that and purchased our Allergo RED with only 51,000 miles and was serviced every year. The emptying of the Black. Its been to Red Bay couple of times and the people there go over everything. Fuel mileage is good. Best RV out of 3 class C we have owned. Radio/map shorted 6, again we r becoming very proficient in th at extingquisher. With any Tiffin Wayfarer class C diesel motorhome you will enjoy the luxurious Mercedes-Benz chassis at a price your family can afford. And the Rv that you get for the money is taking you into a higher class for short money! So an RV B Young TV accepted from tiffin was not confirmed as being of quality and I the Consumer who opted for to not climb on roof during walk through delivary after dealer assured me it was dangerous to climb on roof and they inspected in my be half. Please read all my comments. Dishwasher, washer and dryer, electric stove, heated floors, 3 air conditioners, 4 TVs , kitchen style refrigerator. Was uncertain about the Fireplace at first but on those cool mornings, sure was used to take the edge off and AC compatible for the Hot days. He is amazing and really cares. Designed inside and out with your every need in mind, it features a spacious interior, industry-standard safety features, and high-performance handling with… Used 2020 Tiffin Motorhomes Wayfarer 25 RW. Tiffin quality is the best in class A motorhomes with technicians ready to help you no matter the problem or help you might need. 2020 Tiffin Motorhomes Wayfarer 24 TW, 2020 Tiffin Motorhomes Wayfarer 24 TW Plenty of space and places to go. Everyone, let me repeat that everyone. Shame on you Tiffin for implying you sell a quality RV. from other owners to repair people speak highly of Tiffin. We've had steps and basement doors open going down the road. I would highly recommend Tiffin! Selling with 15 months of warranty gives peace of mind. There are real advantages to a Fred- no step up in bedroom, no heat in bedroom either and little to no known engine fires. In … Corp. has announced the release of its 2…, If you are looking into to get into a Class B motorhome bu…, 2020 Tiffin Motorhomes Wayfarer 25 LW Specs, 2020 Tiffin Motorhomes Wayfarer 25 LW Reviews, 2020 Tiffin Motorhomes Wayfarer 25 LW Classifieds, 2020 Tiffin Motorhomes Wayfarer 25 LW Floorplan, 2020 Tiffin Motorhomes Wayfarer 25 LW Photos. We have some fantastic financing plans and take trades also! 22 Tiffin Motorhomes Reviews and Complaints @ Pissed Consumer Same trip. The engine was reconditioned before OUR last trip to visit family in California and Wyoming. We wash and wax monthly. Read about the experiences consumers and owners have had with Tiffin RVs and view their reviews and ratings on various aspects of them. And a master bedroom conveniently located in the Rear. 248-662-9910. 24 FW. Ample kitchen space and large refrigerator is a plus. Steps cost us a week waiting for a repair in a place we had no plans to be. Koni shocks takes the bumps out and Safe-T-Plus stabilizers keeps you in your lane. Read all the latest Tiffin Motorhomes Wayfarer 25 LW information and Build-Your-Own RV on RV Guide's Class C Motorhome section. Even locked doors. Wrong, their warranty with dealer concurring warranties this for 90day beyond that it is maintenance. It had a cracked windshield before even taking delivery. Also search available nationwide inventory for units for sale. - Please email or call for the full list of the features, availability or anything else we can send to help you. 2020 Tiffin WAYFARER-GAS - This unit is a previous rental. May 2020 I was going to rent an RV passed on price then I saw my dream RV the Tiffin Wayfarer. We have no problem getting into parks where they have a 10 year limit because we leave ok new. It is our #1 goal that your experience with our company is an enjoyable one. I admit, there were a number of problems, which are not all that untypical in a unit with such satisfaction. ... 2020 for the express purpose of traveling to the Washington DC area for my family get-together. No regrets! Dick Gaddis. Our Diesel Engine easily will run smoothly beyond 200.000 miles as long as you service it yearly. Toilet flap broken, no part available. LP gauge leaking gas. Interior floor plan is very functional and fit and finish did not disappoint. One thing that does, is it gets service people easily to come right to your motor home and many times ahead of other motor homes companies because they screw them around. garage storage is excellent for a short coach and drivability is top notch. away Chat I've owned a Navion before so I was familiar so this was little learning curve and the King bed and the adaptive cruise control made this an awesome rental! Tiffins’ 6.8L V10 Triton with 320hp does an exception job rolling up and down the hillsides. Spacious interiors, industry-standard safety features, and high-performance upgrades embody the heart and soul of every Wayfarer. the livability of the floor plan with all slides out create a good flow. the adjustable pedals really let you change your seat position for a more comfortable position. The fridge is a nightmare...freezer has built up ice in bottom since new, then the entire unit went out.. had to replace all the door electronics. Overall Quality. I like wise have kept track of our service needs too. The room is spacious with the booth dinette on a slide-out. RVs on Autotrader has listings for new and used 2020 Tiffin Wayfarer RVs for sale near you. Have used our RV for the last 4 years as a preowned RV. We love the floorplan and all of the comforts it offers. Spacious interiors, industry-standard safety features, and high-performance upgrades embody the heart and soul of every Wayfarer. Master bath has a big shower, feels like a shower in your residential home. Floorplans. Full Specs and brochures for the 2020 Tiffin Wayfarer 25 RW. We bought the Zepher new and because of the price expected yrs of use without a ton of problems. I so happy that we bought a gas vs a Diesel engine. The new flooring is great, beautiful and having a bit of carpet that cleans so easily is amazing. Actually, all their staff follow through and want to help and help fast. 2020 Tiffin Motorhomes Wayfarer 25 LW Reviews, Prices, Specifications and Photos. Next falling ap part inside of 9 months, rig has flooded three when topping off water. Air conditioners aren’t visible. Read all the latest Tiffin Motorhomes Wayfarer 25 LW information and Build-Your-Own RV on RV Guide's Class C Motorhome section. Attention to the word Run is the only relevancy. We have no complaints. NOormal. We have had diesel coaches before but none with this many issues. I am biased, but I think Tiffin's have the looking exteriors. we also installed an "air force one" braking system on the coach for our tow vehicle; it assists the braking of tow vehicle greatly. A huge investment but major loss. A week until someone can even look at that and not close to home so we had to cancel this trip and all plans! This week it was the generator! driving this coach is like being on a cloud. Have had 5th wheels and hands down better experience. 8 Tiffin Motorhomes Wayfarer floor plan models to choose from with Motor Home Class C - Diesel reviews, ratings, available features, and floor plan layouts. Try driving when that happens on a major highway. By Mark Quasius, F333630 October 2017. Everything in our RV is of high quality & top notch craftsmanship. A hose broke in 1/2 bath flooding the basement as we sat outside that trip. What really impressed me also, is how much repair people like working on Tiffin. Tiffin is the best manufacturer in the RV industry. One was a large gouge in the underside of the cabinet over our chairs. 248-662-9910 Favorite. A walk around bed was a priority, the toilet area with a vanity, and additional vanity by the shower give you ample room for showering and dressing with pocket doors for privacy. Makes us wonder if the lesser priced models are worse. She’s definitely built Ford tuff but has the class & style of luxury. Comfortable ride in new leather captain chairs both with electric adjustments. They make their own cabinets from real wood. Use the similar models section to compare other RVs like this one. We are now retiring from RVing due to OUR AGE. It was fine and we packed to go...As we got ready to leave it would not start.